Albert II: Belgium's ex-king recognizes illegitimate daughter

For years, the former King of Belgium, Albert II (85), has denied an extramarital affair. A DNA test has now shown that he is the biological father of the artist Delphine Boël (51). On Monday, Albert II recognized paternity, as Belgian media quote from a press release from his lawyers. Albert II wanted to put an end to the process in honor and dignity, it is said.

Long lawsuit

Since 2013 Delphine Boël has been fighting for the former Belgian king to recognize her as his child. According to Boël, the former monarch had an affair with her mother, Baroness Sybille de Sélys Longchamps (78), decades ago. He always denied this.

In 2019, Albert II finally underwent a DNA test, as he would face a daily fine of 5,000 euros if he had refused.

Albert II has been married to Paola Ruffo di Calabria (82) since 1959. The couple have three children, Philippe (59), Astrid (57) and Laurent (56) from Belgium. Philippe Albert has been King of Belgium since the abdication of Albert II in July 2013.