Albert of Monaco confides in the funny characters of his children: Current Woman The MAG

With Gabriella and Jacques, Albert of Monaco is a fulfilled dad. Born on December 10, 2014 on the Rock, the twins are the delight of the Monegasque prince who has not escaped confinement with his two darlings at the palace. During an interview with the American magazine People, he confided tenderly about their very different characters. “In general, Jacques is a little more shy and a little calmer, but he can also make up some really fun things. He is a great observer and loves to assess the situation. Then there it goes ", He began by telling. As for his daughter Gabriella, he described her as a child "a little more outgoing" at "the tongue hanging out ". "She is a character who loves to dance and sing. She has no problem being in front of people", he continued.

Crowned head or not, Prince Albert has not escaped the sanitary rules to fight against Covid-19, especially since he himself contracted it in March 2020. Thus, the Monegasque sovereign was able to benefit of his entire family during the first confinement. The opportunity for the companion of Charlene of Monaco to spend more time with your children and discover the joys of school at the palace. Thus, Stéphanie and Caroline's brother was delighted that his children were not yet old enough to discover mathematics: "They don't do any math or anything like that yet, which will give me a little problem!" However, Gabriella and Jacques are already very attracted to "geography and science".

Albert of Monaco wishes to preserve the privacy of his children

"We went through a long phase where they wanted to know everything about the oceans and planets as well as the solar system", explained the Monegasque sovereign. As for the teaching of protocol and their life as prince and princess, Albert of Monaco said: "It's just a matter of explaining to them in layman's terms what royal duty is". As for his desire to remain discreet about his family life, he explained: "We don't want to put them in the spotlight too much. It's a case-by-case opportunity at the moment, so it remains special for them. "

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