Aldi is selling a 58-inch TV at a low price this week

Aldi is bringing a 58-inch TV from Medion back to the range on Thursday. It has been sold several times and has always sold out quickly. If you didn’t get anything back then, you can strike again now. The offer is valid in the online shop.

58-inch TV for 419 euros at Aldi on offer

If you currently want to buy a new television, you can take a look at the Medion Life X15811 at Aldi. From September 29, 2022, this will be available in the Aldi online shop 4K TV for only 419 euros offered (look at Aldi). This means that all Aldi customers in Germany can access it. The TV could be sold out quickly because the number of items is limited. Last time, the TV was a little more expensive at 449 euros. Shipping costs do not apply.

What Aldi’s Medion TV can do

The price-performance ratio of the Medion Life X15811 seems to be right. 419 euros is a really good price for a 58-inch television. If a 55-inch model is too small and a 65-inch TV is too big, you can choose this intermediate size. You get 4K resolution and it’s a smart TV that has the well-known streaming services such as Netflix and Co. supported. The picture quality is enhanced by Dolby Vision and HDR. With DTS sound, the sound should also be decent.

Of course you can with the Medion TV also receive normal TV. In addition, an “HD Triple Tuner” is installed, which supports cable, satellite and antenna. There are four HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB ports and of course LAN and WLAN. As usual, there is a three-year guarantee, so you are protected for a little longer.

The Aldi TV has an LCD panel. What is the difference to OLED? We reveal it in the video:

Who should buy the Aldi 4K TV?

It’s worth buying for anyone looking for a solid 4K TV that isn’t too big. 58 inches is not a widespread standard. Most people go for 55 or 65 inches. So Medion fills a gap here. The price of 419 euros is very good. A comparable television from Hisense costs a little less (see Amazon), a model from Philips costs almost 650 euros (see Amazon). So if you are looking for a TV like this, you should secure this bargain.

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