Alec Baldwin fatal shooting: police are still waiting for the actor’s phone

INVESTIGATION – While the authorities believe that answers could be found in the communications of the actor, Alec Baldwin has still not handed over his phone on Thursday to the police in charge of the investigation into the fatal shooting that occurred during the filming of the film “rust”.

US police still waiting. The team in charge of the investigation into the death of a filmmaker on the set of “Rust” has still not recovered this Thursday, January 13, the cell phone of Alec Baldwin, who was to give it to them as requested there is almost a month.

The authorities believe that important information could be found in the communications of the American actor, who handled the revolver in question during the accident. In particular, the police are looking to find out how live ammunition could have been found on the set, which is in theory strictly prohibited.

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Alec Baldwin author of a fatal shot during the filming of a western

A warrant to obtain the actor’s phone

At the time of the tragedy, October 21 on a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the actor was working on a scene with cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Alec Baldwin maintains that he never pressed the trigger of the revolver when the shot went off, saying he was content to cock it. He had been presented with the weapon as harmless, as it was supposed to contain only dummy bullets.

In mid-December, investigators obtained a warrant authorizing them to seize the phone of Alec Baldwin, also producer of the western, believing that it could contain “proofs” relevant to the case, such as messages or emails.

According to the warrant, Alec Baldwin notably exchanged emails with the shooting armourer concerning the type of revolver to be used on the fatal scene. “To date, the cell phone has not been handed over to the authorities”, deplore in a press release the services of the sheriff of the county of Santa Fe.

Investigators then contacted Alec Baldwin’s lawyers to obtain the phone in question, but they were unsuccessful. The sheriff’s department then requested the assistance of the Santa Fe district attorney who, “for jurisdictional reasons”, has begun negotiations to have the actor hand over his phone “voluntarily”, explains the press release.

The actor says he is ready to cooperate

Last week, the actor posted a video about the drama on his Instagram account. He said he was willing to cooperate with the police and ready to hand over his phone. However, he asserted that the request, emanating from the State of New Mexico and aimed at the State of New York where he resides, had to follow the appropriate legal procedures. “It’s a process that takes time”, he said in the video.

“Any insinuations that I don’t comply with requests, orders or warrants regarding my phone, that’s bullshit, that’s lies”, launched Alec Baldwin.

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No arrests have been made to date in this case, but criminal proceedings are not excluded in the event that responsibilities are established, according to the services of the Santa Fe prosecutor.

In an interview with ABC, Alec Baldwin said he felt neither guilty nor even “responsible” of the death of Halyna Hutchins.

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