Alec Baldwin shoots camerawoman with film set pistol

Alec Baldwin
Dramatic accident with a fatal end on the film set

Alec Baldwin is a prominent opponent of the US gun lobby – now he himself caused a fatal disaster through an accident with a firearm.


Alec Baldwin is involved in a tragic accident on his film set: he killed the camerawoman for his new film with a prop gun and seriously injured the director.

A tragic incident apparently occurred during the filming of the western flick “Rust” in Santa Fe, New Mexico: According to US media reports, Hollywood star Alec Baldwin shot the cameraman and seriously injured the director. The local police authority confirmed that a defect in a blank cartridge gun had led to the accident.

Alec Baldwin – at least one dead after an accident on a film set

“According to the investigators, it appears that a film gun was used while filming a scene, which was fired,” reports a police officer from Santa Fe, New Mexico, in an official statement. Now the authorities have to clarify how such a dramatic accident could have happened.

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