Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting: a damning new report revealed

The investigation of the Department of the Environment of New Mexico confirms this April 20 that the production of the film Rust is responsible for the death of Halyna Hutchins caused by the shooting of Alec Baldwin.

New developments in the case of the accidental shooting ofAlec Baldwin on the set of the film Rustwhich claimed the life of the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on Oct. 21, 2021. The production of the Santa Fe-directed western was singled out by the New Mexico Department of Environment (NMED) for failing to follow on-set safety guidelines. The agency imposed a maximum fine of $136,793 to Rust Movie Productions, and laments “a clear indifference to the dangers associated with the use of firearms on set“, reports this April 20 the BBC.

The star shot and killed the 42-year-old, who worked on more than 30 films, and injured the director Joel Souza. Alec Baldwin, who after a first complaint filed in November 2021 against him, declared that he had not pointed a weapon at anyone, was notably accused of having engaged in risky behavior and of handling the firearm in the absence of the armourer.

The production of the film deemed “entirely responsible”

James Kenney, secretary of the cabinet of the New Mexico Department of the Environment was not kind in laying out the findings of the agency’s investigation. Quoted by the BBC, the latter said, “There were several management failures and more than sufficient evidence to suggest that if standard industry practices had been followed, Halyna Hutchins’ fatal shooting and Joel Sousa’s serious injury would not have happened. Through our investigation, we have determined that Rust Productions’ failures were both serious and willful.“, a conclusion without appeal. The secretary then addressed his thoughts to the victim, as well as to his relatives. He greets “a mother, a wife, an experienced cinematographer and a highly respected member of the film community.“. And to add to this statement, stating that the police investigation is continuing, “Although I realize that no fine can compensate for the loss of life, we hold Rust Productions fully responsible“. The production reacted via the Reuters agency, and firmly refutes the conclusions of the investigation. It nevertheless joins in the pain of the family.


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Alec Baldwin
Blow to Alec Baldwin who accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in October 2021.

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3/12 –

Alec Baldwin
The star who has continued to overwhelm himself while claiming to be innocent would have had a risky behavior.

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4/12 –

Alec Baldwin
At least that’s what the agency says, which points to the production as “entirely responsible”.


5/12 –

Alec Baldwin
The actor, but especially the production of the film are questioned in this report.

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Alec Baldwin
Serious security breaches are said to have taken place on the set of the film.

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Alec Baldwin
And these assertions, according to the agency, are without appeal.

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The house of the chief gunsmith of the “Rust” film set,
Filming is located in Santa Fe.

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Aerial view of Rust filming location
Director of photography Halyna Hutchins paid the price for this risk-taking.

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Tribute to Halyna Hutchins
The death of the 42-year-old young woman has moved the whole world.

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Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Thomas
Alec Baldwin was implicated in a complaint filed in November 2021.

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12/12 –

Alec Baldwin
The police investigation continues, the production already affirms its disagreement with the report of April 20.

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