Alena Gerber: Clear words against Laura Müller


Getting attention can be easy these days: show yourself freely on Instagram, chat from private life and be celebrated for it. Recently, Wendler friend Laura Müller (19) caused a sensation again when she showed herself naked in the Playboy. By then she had been making regular headlines with updates on her relationship with the pop star.

Model Alena Gerber is annoyed by this behavior. She finds it critical that nowadays you are hardly rated for performance, but rather for showing bare skin. A few days ago, she made her displeasure public in a long statement on Instagram, in which she wrote, among other things: "What time do we slide more and more every day? If a woman presents herself on Instagram with a doctoral certificate, she gets fewer likes than if she posts a half-naked picture that one would have been ashamed of a few years ago if it had been made public. As far as I know, there are hardly any successful influencers who do not use their children or friends for likes, rather than the individual characteristics. Isn't that infinitely sad? "


"Where's this going to end?"

In an interview with RTL, Alena Gerber now renews her criticism and said: "That you sit in front of a camera with a big cleavage as a teenager and with a duckface and with a relationship that you exploit to the utmost, that is exactly what people want and want and that is what achieves success that I just think it's super dangerous. Where's this going to end?"

Alena Gerber has been modeling herself for more than 15 years and is also freely available on Instagram. She also undressed for Playboy in 2008. Isn't that quite a contradiction to what they said? The model is aware of this contradiction. "Sure, whoever is sitting in the glass house shouldn't throw stones." But she also had to adapt. She thinks it's a shame, but she just has to bend. Still, she finds it sad that "it is exactly these things that are successful." A message that surely speaks to many people from the soul.

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As already mentioned in my story, I thank you for sharing my message with me, I call it a little food for thought, so wonderfully. Instagram should be fun again and not be a place that puts us under pressure and lets our young generation slide cannon into a completely distorted (female) image. Of course, everyone can post pictures that ER thinks are beautiful, after all, this is actually nothing else than a virtual photo album. But then you really have to do that, and stop pocketing people from an early age, a la "you are not successful, you hardly have likes." Or "the photo is boring, the colors are not light pink beige Instagram filter-like, how unprofessional is your feed please? ”(Fun fact: This is exactly what a colleague actually made about my profile🙉) .. I would totally like the visibility of the liking information to be abolished in German too, and I think that's a good one A step in the right direction. Perhaps then we will all learn to develop our own sense of beauty again, and leave our hearts on the side of the girl who has a good one in real life, even if her pictures are not perfect. Yours Alena (advertisement due to marking)

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Alena is currently calling on Instagram all her followers to work together to ensure that Instagram becomes a place "that is fun" and not "pressurized" and that our young generation slides full cannon into a completely distorted (female) image ".

Who is Alena Gerber? Facts & Figures

  • Alena Gerber is a model and presenter
  • She has been working under her birth name Gerber since August 2019. Her real name is Alena Fritz
  • She is married to the former soccer player Clemens Fritz

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