Aleph Alpha CEO Jonas Andrulis: Europe must become bolder in the global AI race

Aleph Alpha CEO Jonas Andrulis
Europe must become bolder in the global AI race

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In the shadow of the global AI giants, Aleph Alpha is writing its own success story. Jonas Andrulis, founder and CEO, sees the future of artificial intelligence not just as a technological challenge, but as an opportunity to sustainably shape European industry and society. His vision is big. He dreams of a future in which AI technologies not only promise economic success, but also contribute to a fairer and more sustainable society: “It’s about more than just technology,” he says in the ntv podcast “So techt Deutschland”. “It’s about our ability as a society to decide which path we want to take in the future.”

Aleph Alpha represents a new generation of European tech companies that not only strive for economic success, but also want to make a contribution to Europe’s technological sovereignty. Europe, especially Germany, can play a decisive role in the global AI race if it is bolder, says Andrulis. But he admits: “We are risk-averse and resistant to change.”

Despite the wide range of possibilities that AI offers, Andrulis is aware of the ethical and social responsibility that comes with the development of such technologies. Aleph Alpha sets clear limits on what the company offers or does. Investments or partnerships that could compromise the company’s independence or ethical standards will be rejected.

Andrulis stresses that the current concentration of technological power and value creation among a few American and Chinese companies poses a serious challenge for Europe. “It does us no good at all if all the added value goes to the shareholders of US corporations or US investors,” explains Andrulis and appeals to companies: “Don’t let this new value creation potential go entirely to the tech giants.” .

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