Alessandra ("Don't forget the lyrics") talks about her elimination: "I was tired and stressed": Current Woman The MAG

Alessandra will remember her time in Do not forget the lyrics. The 10th greatest Maestro in the musical show had to leave the adventure Monday January 18, 2021, after 16 victories. From the top of her 21 years, the young woman has won 220,000 euros, for his greatest pleasure. In an interview with TV-Leisure, published on the day of her elimination, the former candidate who showed "the strongest progression if we make the ratio money / number of victories", as Nagui underlined in the program of France 2, delivered in all transparency on its course.

The aspiring singer has notably revealed that her time in the game show was very trying. "My journey was nevertheless short, but intensive", she said before tempering: "I can not regret … The song, I knew it by heart [Harley Davidson, ed.], Moreover, since then I have listened to it and sung it in full. But hey, it must be said that the shoots are really exhausting, so I was tired and very stressed. " A situation which disturbed her somewhat, as she confessed to our colleagues. "I was also starting to lose focus because of my dynamism nonstop", she added. Alessandra also compared her performance to that of another great Maestro: "I couldn't have stood the test of time and done 64 shows like Jennifer did! I should have channeled myself more, because I was giving myself too much, not that she was not giving herself enough. I would just say that my focus would not have been optimal on dozens of other shows ", she recognized, without language.

What will she do with her earnings?

Thanks to her very good career which allowed her to win a nice jackpot, Alessandra will be able to realize many of her dreams and projects. Especially since the Belgian went beyond her expectations. "At first I just wanted to take a little trip", she had fun before revealing: "Finally, I will be able to make several, in countries I don't even know existed! " Nevertheless, she keeps her head on her shoulders: "I'm not going to spend it all unnecessarily, I think this will just help me get started in life. Remember that I'm only 21 years old, so this is great capital for me. to buy a car, also for real estate ", she stressed. Beautiful perspectives in sight.

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