Alessandra ("Don't forget the lyrics"): what she will do with her earnings: Current Woman The MAG

Little by little Alessandra is about to dethrone the show's top maestros Do not forget the lyrics, presented by Nagui. Friday January 15, 2021, the pretty brunette from La Louvière, Belgium has won two consecutive victories. She then climbed to 14th place among the best candidates in the program. The one who made a remarkable entry on the set Friday, January 8, 2021 has already a provisional jackpot of 199,000 euros!

Asked how she will spend her money by Nagui, Alessandra – who has a strange passion – said that she dreams of escape: "There may be one or two trips on the program"lets know the one who also plans to please her relatives, including her sisters Romina, Milenna and Laëtitia as well as her nephews and nieces. "I'm not going to be very original, but I, to make those around me happy, and I'm very happy, I don't need anything material", she also assures, adding thatshe would also like to help associations that protect animals.

15,000 euros pocketed on average per issue

While waiting to know the amount of her final earnings, Alessandra, a management student in the city of Mons, prefers to stay focused on her adventure. She could nevertheless use her money to pay for her studies. Indeed, the young woman aged 18 wants to become an auditor, as she confided to the presenter: "The auditor will see in companies how the accounts are going, there is a lot of audit". For now, Alessandra can boast of making viewers dream by breaking all records. In fact, on average, she pockets 15,000 euros per issue. Never seen in the program. It must be said that she had prepared very well for the program: "I did review a lot of songs anyway, I would say by heart I must be in the 800s!", she explained to Nagui.

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