Alessandra Sublet confined with her ex-husband: how does her lover handle the situation: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

For Alessandra Sublet, it's not just the confinement itself that is unusual! Indeed, like all French people, the hostess has been recluse for six weeks at home. Only … she is not alone. Indeed, the presenter of It's canteloup has lived in the company of more than a month of her two children, Charlie and Alphonse, and their dad, her ex-husband Clément Miserez. A situation at least atypical that the host seems to take with great humor. "For the moment, there are no injuries ", she quipped in an interview with our colleagues from TV Star. It is mainly for a practical question that the two ex made this decision. "This prevents the children from going back and forth and it also protects us ", said the host.

An understanding lover

In an interview in Paris Match in August 2019, Alessandra Sublet confided in her divorce from the producer of Belle and Sébastien. "We managed our divorce better than our marriage. Clement is still a wonderful friend and father, but he is no longer my husband ", she said. This would explain why cohabitation is going so well.

For a few months, the presenter has frequented a certain "Jo", a boy younger than her with whom she spends perfect love. How does he live knowing that his sweetheart is confined with her former husband? "He knows the situation, he manages. In such serious moments, we easily relativize ", reveals the host. An understanding lover, whom she is impatient to find in the South. She also said that it would be the first thing she would do as soon as the confinement ended!

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