Alessio Lombardi: Sarah Lombardi has the "horror of life"

Little Alessio was injured so badly that his mother, Sarah Lombardi, had to call the ambulance. That happened.

Alessio Lombardi (5) is a bright guy in his prime nonsense age. He has proven that once more and gave his mother Sarah Lombardi (27, "Te amo mi amor") the "horror of her life". The two of them told exactly what happened in the singer's Insta-Stories: "I have a wound on my head," says the five-year-old – not without pride – into the camera. In the beginning everything was bleeding like a volcano.

Then Mama Sarah explains the whole story: "Alessio raged too wildly, bumped his head on the window. And at first it was bleeding really hard. I got the shock of my life. Then we called the ambulance to be on the safe side because I wasn't sure if it had to be glued somehow, but it's all good. And as you can see, he's fine. "

Alessio lives in a patchwork family

Alessio is the son of Sarah and Pietro Lombardi (28, "Señorita"). The two met as participants in the eighth season (2011) of the talent show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (RTL) – Pietro won, Sarah came second. The two married in March 2013 and Alessio was born in June 2015. The headline-grabbing separation followed in October 2016, and the marriage ended in divorce in 2019. While Sarah is now dating soccer professional Julian Büscher (27), not much is known about Pietro's current private life. In mid-July, the singer only revealed via Instagram: "Yes, I'm just getting to know a woman, after a long time. But it is currently too early to say anything about it. Let's see what the future brings."