Alex Rodriguez: Thankful and well after breaking up with JLo

Alex Rodriguez
Grateful and well after separation from JLo

Alex Rodriguez is fine four months after breaking up with Jennifer Lopez.

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The ex-athlete is doing well four months after separating from his ex-fiancé Jennifer Lopez, as he emphasized in an interview.

Alex Rodriguez (46) emphasized several times in an interview that he and his daughters are doing well four months after separating from Jennifer Lopez (52).

Opposite “Entertainment Tonight” said the former athlete, how he deals with the experience: “I had an incredible life and partnership for five years, also with my daughters, we have learned so much. And now we have the opportunity to take that with us and look forward. “

“I’m doing great”

Rodriguez has two daughters from a marriage with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis (38), 16-year-old Natasha and 13-year-old Ella. He went on to say that he was most looking forward to seeing how his girls would develop. “We are so grateful for the past five years,” Rodriguez repeated. They were now wondering how they could do the next five years even better with what they had learned. “So, I’m doing great.”

A few days ago, Lopez had deleted many photos she shared with her ex-fiancé on her Instagram account. The singer and actress had been dating Rodriguez since 2017, and they got engaged in the Bahamas in spring 2019.

Lopez is now with her ex

In mid-April, Lopez and Rodriguez officially split. Since that engagement ended, Lopez has revived her relationship with Ben Affleck, 49. The two were already a couple from 2002 to 2004 and also engaged.