Alexander Zverev + Sophia Thomalla talk about their relationship

A relationship with rough edges: Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev give an insight into their love life and admit that everything is not always perfect for them either.

No matter where Sophia Thomalla, 33, and Alexander Zverev, 25, appear together: the flashbulb is guaranteed. Recently, however, many asked themselves: Are the two still together? Because they didn’t post any more turtle pictures for a few weeks – until now. So all good.

Alexander Zverev + Sophia Thomalla: “It’s not 24/7 red roses”

In the new documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” (from March 19th on RTL+) Sophia talks about her life. “It’s not 24/7 red roses now,” says the woman, who loves clear words. GALA hears that things always crackle or even crises between her and Alexander. Two strong personalities have fallen in love here. He, the tennis star, who fought hard for his comeback after tearing ligaments in his ankle, which he sustained in the semifinals of the French Open last year. She, the tough presenter who is known for her independence. She got it from her mom: It was just announced that Simone Thomalla, 57, separated from DJ Nicolino Hermano after a year. If it doesn’t fit, then it just doesn’t fit.

This is what their life together looks like

It’s different with Sophia and Alex. “There are two particularly blatant life models that meet,” says Sophia. “Alex, with the incredible sports streak he has and the continuity he has to pull through over and over again – and my life is anything but continuous.” That’s why it’s particularly important to enjoy even the simplest things together. “Because we don’t have a simple life together.”

They have each other’s backs

The important thing for her and Alex is that you can rely on each other. Sophia explains that she can always call him, that he always has an open ear for her problems. The documentary shows her on the edge of the tennis court when he trains again for the first time after the forced break. This in turn gives him strength. “The injury changed me,” Alexander Zverev is certain. “She gave me a chance to realize there’s a lot more out there than tennis.” This includes Sophia at the forefront.


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