Alexandra Lamy: her daughter Chloé Jouannet accused of being boosted, she steps up

Invited on the set of 50 ‘Inside this Saturday, February 4, Alexandra Lamy confided in her daughter, Chloé Jouannet. The actress notably responded to those who accuse the young woman, also an actress, of having benefited from the notoriety of her mother to land roles.

The daughter ofAlexandre Lamy pistoned? This Saturday, February 4, the 51-year-old actress is the guest of Nikos Aliagas in 50 ‘Inside on TF1. Before the broadcast of the entire interview, an excerpt was shared on Instagram, in which the actress defends her daughter, Chloe Jouannet, aged 25, who has also decided to become an actress. A career choice that some have preferred to criticize.

You know, if you want to do this job, do it. No one has the right to tell you don’t do this because you’re the daughter of… You know, the advantage is that when you go to a casting, we’re going to be curious to see you. The downside is that you will have a chance so prepare yourself before”confides first of all Alexandre Lamy, who assures that to succeed in the middle, it is sometimes more difficult than it seems for the “daughters and sons of” : “Me, castings, I missed some. On the other hand you, if you miss one, we’ll say: ‘Ah, Alexandra Lamy’s daughter, I saw her, she sucks.’ And finished”.

Alexandra Lamy shrugged off criticism

The words of Alexandra Lamy echo the phenomenon of “nepo babies”, these children of stars who would be successful thanks to the notoriety of their parents. The New York Magazine has also devoted an investigation, unveiled on December 19. In this one, the journalists notably took as an example Lily Rose Depp, Zoë Kravis or even Lily Collins, who are respectively the daughters of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Lenny Kravits and Phil Collins.

In 50′ Inside, Alexandra Lamy therefore advised her daughter not to listen to those who could tell her “Ah, but you do like your mother”. She also admitted that her career would have been totally different if she had listened to the critics when she started in A boy a girl. “Tu know, me, If I had listened to everyone, I certainly wouldn’t be here”she concluded.

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