Alexandra Lamy transformed, new blonde and anti-aging hairstyle

Star actress of Liza Azuelos’ latest film, Alexandra Lamy appeared transformed at the premiere of The room of wonders. With darker hair, she dares an amazing hairstyle detail that rejuvenates her by 10 years.

To embody Thelma, the touching female character of The room of wondersthe film by Liza Azuelos inspired by the work of Julien Sandrel, Alexandra Lamy reconnected with her platinum blondeA boy a girl and wore her hair long. Quite the opposite of her change of head last September, when we discovered her for the first time with brown hair and a gradient short squarea trendy square cut to which she remains faithful even if she likes to make it evolve.

On the occasion of the premiere of the film, the 51-year-old actress, on the other hand, appeared well with a new blonde more in keeping with her latest color choices. Sporting a dark blond coloring illuminated with a few blond locks clearer, she affirms her desire to return to a more natural color to rejuvenate herself and restore radiance to her face. A anti-aging coloring tip to sting him without hesitation. Radiant alongside Muriel Robin, she seemed to us surprisingly changed, whereas we got used to seeing her with darker hair. And for good reason, the star of the film had also made a more subtle hairstyle change by opting for a side parting. A detail that makes it 10 years younger.

Alexandra Lamy loves the trendy and rejuvenating hairstyle detail of the year
Rather follower of the parting in the middle, we had all the same already been able to see the actress with an off-center parting on the left. An ideal hair detail for bring movement in a square cut like his, and restore volume with fine hair, in order to look younger in the process. But this time, Alexandra Lamy did nothing as usual: she swapped this movement on the side for an opposite, with a line drawn on the right side. A subtle change that transforms its appearance and proves to be extremely effective in rejuvenating its look.

Discover Alexandra Lamy’s new blonde color and her “youthful look” hairstyle in pictures.

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