Alexandra Lamy: why she had to “restart everything from scratch” after the birth of her daughter, Chloé Jouannet

Alexandra Lamy is the proud mother of Chloé Jouannet. If today, the one who was revealed by A guy, a girl has a rich career, she however had to face a bad patch, as she revealed in the soundtrack on France Inter.

On September 22, viewers were able to discover, on TF1, a feature film directed by Alexandra Lamy. Entitled Affected, it tells the story of three women victims of violence. For the occasion, Jean Dujardin’s ex was the guest, this Thursday, September 22, of the show The original band on the airwaves of France Inter. The one who went behind the camera made a few amazing revelationsin particular on her pregnancy and the consequences it may have had on her career.

In 1997, Audrey Lamy’s sister became the happy mother of Chloé Jouannet, who like her mother, decided to make a career as an actress. The latter was also on the poster for her mother’s TV movie. If Alexandra Lamy recognizes that this birth was a “marvelous event, she also confessed that it put a damper on her professional career. “It’s hell! You say you’re pregnant, you feel like you’re saying you have a disease”, she explained facing Nagui. Before adding: “Afterwards, it is above all that we are no longer called back.”

Alexandra Lamy after her pregnancy: “We had to restart everything from scratch”

After her maternity leave, the actress also had a hard time finding a place for herself in the world of cinema:I felt like I had to start over. It was super hard. Afterwards, I had a somewhat difficult pregnancy. I had to lie down for a while. I couldn’t work. We had to restart everything from scratch, start the castings again.” And to conclude: “Even, I remember, I had taken acting classes to get back into it. It was super tough.” His perseverance paid off!

Chloé Jouannet was born from Alexandra Lamy’s relationship with another actor, Thomas Jouannet. A love story that lasted between 1995 and 2003. Viewers were able to discover the actor in many French series such as Léo Matteï, Brigade of minors on TF1 or Ninaon France 2. Today, he has rebuilt his life with another actress, Armelle Deutsch, with whom he had two other daughters.

For her part, Alexandra Lamy shared her life for 10 years with Jean Dujardin. A relationship that also overshadowed her career, as she had confided in the columns of Gala in 2016: Like many couples, and because we are still in a macho environment, people look at you less when you are a woman, she explained. And to add: “It was the same for my parents: they set up their decoration store together, but in the eyes of people, my father was the boss. So when you are with someone who lives such an exhibition, it is even more tangible. I was working, however, but no one saw me.”

Alexandra Lamy on Jean Dujardin: “We were happy”

The couple ended up separating in 2013. Alexandra Lamy seems to have recovered well from this breakup: This story represents ten years of my existence. Why question everything? It would be a shame since we were happy. Above all, I didn’t want to find myself in the situation of seeing photos, a few years later, and saying to myself each time: “Bastard!” What hell to stay in this posture…”

Rather discreet about her private life, Alexandra Lamy does not seem less fulfilled. According to her, the secret of a couple that lasts is to everyone stay at home. “After years of living together, I don’t close the door to men, but I don’t give the keys!”she indicated in the columns ofShe in 2018. And to conclude: “It’s a real luxury to come home and have a dinner with friends, a cucumber mask, even hanging out in jogging and big socks…”

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