Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) speaks after Capitol attack

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could have been murdered during the Capitol invasion by Trump fanatics. On Instagram, she returns to the facts, talks about mental health but also, the fight against inequalities in times of crisis.

by Coline Clavaud-Mégevand

This Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Donald Trump was officially accused by the United States Senate of ’"incitement to insurgency". A second impeachment proceeding against the current President of the United States, who will be tried soon. And a historic decision.

The vote follows the invasion of the Capitol by pro-Trump white supremacists on January 6, during which all eyes were on the Capitol. For several hours, men and women, sometimes armed and some of whom wore slave or Nazi symbols, occupied the building, symbol of American democracy. Inside, police officers, sometimes accomplices in the maneuver, but also terrified senators. Among them is rising Democrats left wing star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The representative of the State of New York had so far communicated little on social networks, where she is usually very present. She finally spoke on Wednesday, in a live Instagram to see at the beginning of this article. In it, she recounts her fear of being killed by the protesters, of being denounced to the angry crowd by far-right senators, as well as of her way of dealing with the trauma. A universal message, full of benevolence, addressed to all victims of violence, but also to those painful moments that are part of life, such as the disappearance of a loved one. AOC herself lost her father to cancer when she was only 18 and was present at the time of his death. In her live Instagram, she talks about the years during which she refused to face her sentence, which prevented her from healing.

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Once again, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows how political it is. After expressing her anger towards Trump, his supporters in the Senate and this extreme right which is plaguing democracy, then evoking the need to organize individual and collective resilience, she calls for the fight: against poverty, racism, maintenance of an oppressive social order, for social justice. Hope as the crisis is global, both in health and politics. When will a French AOC be produced?