Alice delivers her own version of the beach sequence

In the episode of Married at First Sight broadcast this Monday, April 15 on M6, Alice put on a swimsuit in front of Florian at the beach. But, the candidate explained that what we saw on the screen was not entirely true.

In the last episodes of Married at first sight the different compatible couples are not at the same stage. Tracy and Flo, who form one of the star couples of the season, have already left for their honeymoon in a magnificent hotel in Ibiza. Ophélie and Loïc, for their part, arrived at the banquet after a long awkward moment in the car. Finally, we were also able to attend the wedding of Alice and Florian 78% compatible according to the two experts Estelle Dossun and Gilbert Bou Jaoudé.

These last two candidates said “yes” to each other at the altar in Gibraltar. Alice arrived in a very original way since she arrived in front of everyone on a motorbike. After the ceremony, the photo session and the banquet, the newlyweds then found themselves together in a hotel room for the wedding night. A moment that couldn’t have brought them closer together since they didn’t stop hugging and kissing each other. The day after, they went for a walk on the beach before leaving for their honeymoon. A sequence that Alice did not find entirely true.

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Alice’s focus on the beach sequence in Married at First Sight

The day after the wedding night, Alice and Florian decided to take advantage of having a little time before their honeymoon to swim in the sea. During this sequence where the two newlyweds put on swimsuits, we understand that Alice is not comfortable with the idea of ​​showing herself like this in front of her new husband.

“I’m not ready to show him all this,” can be heard during the sequence. But, in an interview for Leisure TVshe gave her own version of the matter by saying: I wasn’t embarrassed to put on a swimsuit.”. She further revealed: “From the moment I feel confident in the look of the person in front of me, I free myself from all my fears”, before specifying: “That’s why for me the perspective of others is very important because it can really succeed in restoring your confidence.”

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Alice reveals what bothered her on the beach in Married at First Sight

If Alice felt at ease in front of Florian, it was because she could see that he found her pretty.. “I had this experience with the desire to find a person who accepts me as I am, with my past wounds. I felt in Florian’s eyes that there was no judgment”, she actually confided to the media.

But, if contrary to what we saw on the screen, Alice was not embarrassed in front of her husband, something else made her uncomfortable: the fact that this swimsuit sequence was broadcast in front of her. the whole of France. “The only difficulty I had was getting into a swimsuit in front of a camera, show my body to the whole of France”, she actually explained. A clarification which has the merit of being clear.


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