Alice Detollenaere reveals to be “carrier of an altered gene”


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Suffering from breast cancer two years ago, Alice Detollenaere is particularly committed to this cause. This Sunday, October 31, the companion of Camille Lacourt delivered a new testimony to educate women about self-examination and announce that she was the victim of a complication.

Pink October is coming to an end, but prevention efforts to fight breast cancer continue. Touched by this cancer two years ago, Alice Detollenaere is particularly concerned by the cause. The companion of Camille Lacourt delivered on her Instagram account, this Sunday, October 31. “This year I learned that I was a carrier of an altered gene”, she explained to her 30,000 subscribers. In order not to run any additional risks, the young woman made an important decision: “Hence my decision, in agreement with the medical profession, of a preventive ablation of the right breast”, she continued. Mother of a little Marius, born in June 2021, she took advantage of this announcement to educate every woman to check regularly.

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the more treatable it is. Very important information that Alice Detollenaere wishes to share. “We must continue prevention, all year round,” she added. This prevention begins with self-examination, an essential gesture. Marius’s mother is also determined to pass the message on: “Count on me to get drunk with the autopalpation”, she said with humor at the end of the post. Despite her breast cancer detected in January 2020, the companion of the five-time world champion swimmer was able to experience the happiness of becoming a mother. Only regret, the model was forced to give the bottle and not the breast.

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Committed on a daily basis to fight breast cancer

This is not the first time that the former beauty queen has spoken out on the subject. On October 13, Alice Detollenaere had already posted a poignant cliché. The model struck a pose with two other women to highlight the COMPASS program, aimed at developing new treatments against triple negative breast cancer. The two women present at his side have undergone a breast removal and appear naked in front of the camera. A gesture to encourage others to take responsibility: “For their courage to dare to take off their clothes. For the others. And for you maybe one day. Let us advance the research”, she had explained. Within her couple, the fight against breast cancer is a very important cause. Camille Lacourt also supports his partner on a daily basis and does not hesitate to speak out on the subject.

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