Aliens Dark Descent is out June 20 and is releasing gameplay to celebrate

Planned simultaneously on PC and consoles, Aliens Dark Descent has a few tricks up its sleeve to optimize its ergonomics on the controller. Thus, we discover that the orders can be launched from a button. Any suitable Marine will automatically complete the assigned task. If a gate needs to be demolished, you won’t send the field surgeon by accident. It’s because we’ll have to pamper them, our thugs; on Planet Lethe, death is final, and the aliens are numerous. To accomplish a run, descend into the bowels of the colonial complex and unravel its mysteries, it will be necessary to equip oneself with common sense thanks to a customization system which seems, my faith, quite advanced. Five classes of Marines will be distinguished by their own skills and evolutions.

Get involved, they said

Tindalo promises to deliver a narrative experience faithful to the atmosphere of the 1986 film. To achieve this ambition, our heroes will have life points, of course, but also a sanity gauge. A good way to emulate the ambient paranoia introduced by James Cameron on LV-426. Aliens Dark Descent will put us face to face with “an unprecedented threat”, a nebulous promise which has something to arouse curiosity. After the pathogenic aliens of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, anything is possible. A handful of Weyland-Yutani defectors will serve as human enemies.

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