Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Season 3: Lancer launches on video

Cold Iron Studios and Focus Entertainment continue to release additional content for Aliens: Fireteam Elitetheir cooperative shooter between Marines Has Xenomorphs. The title welcomes today the Season 3 of the’Year 1called Lancerwhich adds a lot of new features.

The Season 3 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite thus adds the class of the Lancer, a heavy character capable of breaking through the hordes of aliens by improving the defensive efficiency of the team, in particular thanks to an ability increasing the damage while standing still. A tank, a real one. The update introduces in passing shortcuts to switch between different equipment more easily with 10 customizable configurations per weapon and class, enough to relieve players who were tired of reassigning weapons, abilities, cosmetics and consumables every time. In addition, more than 30 new personalization objects have been added, as well as new Challenge Cards. At last, players with the Deluxe Edition with the Endeavor Pass are entitled to UACM Frontline Package with more additional cosmetics.

The Season 3: Lancer is already available in Aliens: Fireteam Elite on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The update will arrive very soon on PS5 as well. You can buy the game at €35.99 on Gamesplanet.

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