Alizée (Pékin Express) operated on for appendicitis: she gives her news

A few days ago, Alizée, the star of Beijing Express and new face of the show Moms & Famous, had to undergo emergency surgery. On this Saturday, January 22, 2022, the young woman is back home and wanted to reassure her community in an Instagram story.

Since their meeting ten years ago, Alizée and Maxime have been living a beautiful romance without a shadow of a cloud. A house and two children, everything seems to smile on the two lovebirds. However, without warning, the daily lives of young parents darkened following health problems that occurred on Friday, January 21. As the day passed as usual, Alizée had been the victim of terrible pain in the lower abdomen.

Very quickly, Maxime had accompanied the young mother to the emergency room in order to relieve her. “I know doe, she is not the type to complain for nothing. Since yesterday, she has had a stomach ache and there, it was no longer bearable for her so we went to the emergency room. It turns out that she is having an attack of appendicitis. There are not 36 solutions. We have to remove this appendix and therefore it will be an operation under general anesthesia. I hope it will be done very soon”, he had explained. But Alizée had not hidden her concern on her Instagram account. “In truth, parting with my babies for a few days breaks my heart, strongly that I return. But I know that at home we have the best of dads“, she confided.

More fear than harm

Since then, Internet users have only been waiting for one thing : that Alizée comes back in great shape on social networks. And on this Saturday, January 22, 2022, the former adventurer of Beijing Express reserved a nice surprise for its virtual community. After a short stay in the hospital, the latter is already back home. Happy, the mother of Thi-Waï and Soa-Li grabbed her smartphone to share her news. “Everything is fine”, she wrote in an Instagram story. The opportunity for Alizée to display, also, her war wounds. All’s well That ends well !

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