all about the Aquarius man

What is the astrological profile of the Aquarius man and how to understand his personality, qualities and behavior?

Born between January 21 and February 18, men born under the sign of Aquarius are people whose originality and altruism are the most important characteristics. Discover all the facets of their personality and what is their behavior in seduction and then in a romantic relationship, to better understand and approach the men of this astrological sign.

Knowing the main character traits associated with a zodiac sign can help better understand a person or better understand why they act in such and such a way. Here, the facets of the astrological sign of Aquarius combined with the masculine shed light on their atypical personality, their solar side and always appreciated by the people they meet.

Astro: what are the personality traits of the Aquarius man?

The astrological sign of Aquarius is an air sign. This means that the man of this sign will intellectualize all aspects of his life, think carefully before sharing with others. Also, it gives it a light side with a strong taste of the party. This makes him a charismatic person, very appreciated in groups, but also rather rebellious in his way of thinking and in his choices.

Originality as a driving force!
It is because he surrounds himself with very different people that the Aquarius man has a very open mind and heart. He hates prejudices and doesn’t want to follow preconceptions. He listens to all sensibilities and is an eccentric himself. It is for him to distinguish himself, to think outside the lines, the framework in which he grew up. He wants to shake up established routines and customs. He does not do like the others, his opinions are clear-cut and his tastes surprise.

A strong need to forge friendly relations
He is unanimous in society precisely because he is very human and sociable. He derives his satisfaction from the success of the group rather than from his personal success which is of little interest to him. Aquarius is the astrological sign of brotherhood, friendship and solidarity. The Aquarius man focuses on causes bigger than himself. He puts his originality at the service of the community and has a strong ability to communicate. He favors friendly relations in which he shares strong values, is a brother more than a lover.

Astro: what are the main qualities of Aquarians?

A strong asset in a group
Aquarians are deeply generous and their constant search for an ideal of a more human society gives them strong qualities turned towards solidarity. Their great open-mindedness leads them to be very sociable, to forge sincere relationships with the people they meet, as long as these people have the same qualities and the same humanity. Aquarians are forward-looking and plan rather than dwell on the past. It gives them a very positive and lively side which is good for the group. They see the best in everyone and pull others up. Faced with a negative event, they prefer to be happy rather than ruminate without moving forward. They unite even though they need to reform and be at the forefront, all thanks to their lightness.

Reliability in personal relationships
Even if he needs a lot of freedom, the Aquarius man does not neglect the people of his close entourage. If he doesn’t feel threatened by the person in front and has taken the time to open up, then he is very reliable and generous. He is very creative and needs to stimulate others with his wit and intelligence. His originality and his very quick-witted side make him someone you never get bored with, but you still have to be able to follow him in his eccentricity sometimes!

Who is the Aquarius man in love?

Don’t expect to see someone who is passionate about love or who takes big steps to seduce a woman. The Aquarius man prefers close friendships to romantic relationships and will look for a partner who looks like him to share his daily life and his commitments.

What connection with an Aquarius man?
The compatibility he favors is uniquely intellectual. The Aquarius man is not going to place enormous importance on the physique of the people he meets. If the intellectual connection is immediate, then he shows an interest in the person and digs to see if the relationship can be more serious. And the more curiosity he is, the more interest grows. He is also attracted by atypical and original personalities, even marginal ones. The difference is a great asset for him and nourishes relationships.

How is the romantic relationship going?
The first rule is not to want to change an Aquarius man. He won’t and won’t appreciate the process. You might as well accept him as he is and love him for his many qualities. He doesn’t need very much attention, so you don’t need to cuddle him, he might get tired of that kind of attention. But he knows how to be there for the other, to give him advice thanks to his objective nature. A long relationship with an Aquarius should be a good balance, especially in the presence of a lot of people. Being his partner requires being as popular as he is with his friends, following him in his commitments and also showing strong interests for causes. The relationship with an Aquarius man is not of great love intensity, but is based on stable and deep common foundations.

Which astrological sign is it compatible with?
To seduce and maintain a relationship with an Aquarius man, originality and the ability to communicate are essential. Women who are independent, intellectual and self-sufficient in their professional fields are more likely to have a strong compatibility with the overall functioning of Aquarians. The signs that turn out to be the most suitable are those of Gemini, a very independent sign, of Leo, a personality he will be able to admire, or of Libra, who provides just as good advice as him.

Astro: who are the celebrities for the sign of Aquarius?

Being a great communicator and federating around you is a precious help when you want to shine a light on yourself. Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, John Travolta or Cristiano Ronaldo, natives of the sign, benefited from it to boost their respective careers. In France, Guillaume Gallienne, Benjamin Biolay, Philippe Candeloro and Daniel Auteuil are personalities who have highlighted their originality in each of their disciplines. Taking on and playing on this atypical side gives them a special place which has probably contributed to their success.

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