"All conspirators": the surrealist interview of the director of "France Soir" with Martin Weill shocks Internet users: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Very quickly, the footage from the interview went viral. Tuesday January 26, 2021, Martin Weill, former columnist of Daily, presented his new documentary, Martin Weill – All conspirators? sure TMC. In the midst of the health crisis linked to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the journalist wanted to question the actors of conspiracy theories which are constantly circulating on various online platforms. There are those who create them, listen to them but also those who broadcast them … Two months later the release of the controversial documentary Hold Up, whose false words had led the Pasteur Institute to file a complaint, Martin Weill wanted to question Xavier Azalbert, the director of France Evening. And for good reason, for almost a year now, the coronavirus has become the central point of the subjects treated on their site. The media defends Professor Didier Raoult, gives visibility to uncertified treatments and does not hesitate to assure its readers that the scale of the virus is exaggerated.

"Journalism is not that. This is sensationalism!"

In front of Martin Weill, Xavier Azalbert did not seem comfortable. And for good reason, faced with the yet trivial questions of the journalist of TMC ("Here, these are the future offices of the editorial staff, why are you changing?" or "You come from the business world, what exactly did you do before France Evening ? "), Xavier Azalbert boot in touch … and simply refuses to answer. "Listen, I'm really sorry but we said we would talk about France Soir. It's okay, stop", he blurted out before running away from the camera. While he thinks the engines off, this one explains: "I do not agree to do this shoot. Journalism is not that. That is sensationalism. So we stop (…) What I was doing before is totally incidental", he balances at Martin Weill, taken aback. The two men were finally able to resume the interview during which Xavier Azalbert ensures that France Evening, it is the assurance of freedom of expression.

For internet users, these images are simply mind blowing. A few seconds after their broadcast on TMC, Twitter users preferred to take this sequence with humor: "Why are you moving to another location? No, sorry that is too sensational as a question!", "This interview with Xavier Azalbert, boss of France Evening, who refuses to answer all of Martin Weill's questions ", "Xavier Azalbert, how are you? Xavier Azalbert: That's not one of the questions you can ask me", can we read, among others, on the social network. A sequence that generated several hundred tweets in a few minutes.

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