“All in the kitchen”: Le mea culpa by Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony after Jean-Marie Bigard's visit: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The passage of Jean-Marie Bigard and his wife Lola Marois was not unanimous Tuesday June 9, 2020, in All in the kitchen on M6. Indeed, many Internet users were embarrassed and shocked by the humorist's t-shirt where it said: "Will you all get fucked"."He dares to wear this t-shirt on a family show! All in the kitchen … no credibility this guy","Not top Jean Marie Bigard's vulgar t-shirt at 7:15 p.m. in a family program","A bit of a shame to invite someone who has a t-shirt with vulgar text, this person is very vulgar and there it is disappointing!", could we read in particular on social networks. Wednesday June 10, at the very start of the new program, just before introducing the new guests of the day, Jérôme Anthony took the time to apologize after the controversy engendered by the humorist.

Jérôme Anthony did not "love the t-shirt" by Jean-Marie Bigard

"We had a good time with Jean-Marie Bigard but we didn't really like his t-shirt. We are not going to lie. So, if you too were shocked by the t-shirt by our friend and well, we apologize and it will not happen again. But you know Jean-Marie, that's why we love him too", he said while Cyril Lignac seemed to totally agree. For this new program, it was Adil Rami who cooked for 50 minutes with the chef and his sidekick. Once again, good humor was at appointments and controversies already forgotten.

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