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In his household routine, we do not forget especially the television! In order to maintain good image quality unaltered by a mass of dirt, and to prevent dust from settling in the crevices, the rags are taken out. And since the screens we have in our living rooms these days are much more fragile than the big televisions of yesteryear, we must be careful with the products and household accessories that we use. You are not sure? That’s good, we’ll guide you.

Dust off your TV screen

First of all, you have to do the dust. The televisions are equipped with a ventilation system at the back which can quickly attract and retain all the dust. In order to prevent it from becoming blocked and impairing the proper functioning of the device, it is important to take care of it regularly. The screen frame can also quickly harbor clusters of particles from sitting there all day. In either case, chase away dust using a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth. Be careful not to take old cloths or scratching sponges which could scratch the device and destroy the protective layer. Then wipe it as many times as needed until there are no more lint in sight. And if it is really well installed in the orifices, a little vacuuming should solve the problem!

What to clean your TV screen with?

Plasma, LED, OLED or LCD televisions are extremely fragile. This is why it is not recommended to clean them too often, this could damage the circuits. On the other hand, when cleaning is necessary because the screen becomes dirty, or it has lots of fingerprints for example, it must be done. To do this, you can go to the store and buy a product specially designed to clean this type of screen (spray, wipes, etc.). Never use chemicals on your television, even if it is just a spray for the windows, as this can damage it. There are natural housekeeping alternatives that will do the job very well. Dilute vinegar and water in equal parts, soak a cloth, wring it out well to avoid dripping and clean your screen.

How to clean your TV?

In addition to the choice of products, there are a few things to do and others to avoid so as not to damage your television. As with all devices that operate on mains, the risk of electrocution is present. The first reflex to have is therefore to unplug the device. Start cleaning your screen after it cools down. Never spray your cleaner directly onto the TV. And if you use the water-vinegar mixture in a container, make sure your cloth is wrung out well to prevent the water from dripping and reaching the circuits. When cleaning, avoid exerting too much pressure and making circular movements. It is best to pass the cloth from top to bottom or from bottom to top on the screen in order to avoid traces. The screen is then dried with a new clean, dry cloth to ensure that no residue remains. And of course, so that the cleaning is complete: do not forget to clean your remote control, a real den of bacteria, with a wipe or a little 70% alcohol.

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