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Want to change your look ? Why not let yourself be tempted by the short haircut ! Boyish cut, short bob or pixie cut, the short is an ultra trendy haircut, not to mention the practicality of this hair style. But who says short hairstyle woman does not mean hairstyle without any style. Quite the contrary! There is no shortage of hairstyle ideas for short haircuts, and this no matter your hair texture – whether it is straight, natural wavy, frizzy. Your hair can be shorter or shorter and you can play on the layering of the locks to give movement to the hairstyle for example …. For a modern look that looks like you, you can also bet on fringe : tapered, long or short, it has been popular in recent seasons.

What short haircut for women for which face?
Another advantage of short haircuts: every woman can find his way around because it is a style that goes to almost all face shapes and that can adapt to many types of hair (frizzy, fine, normal…). As long as you choose the model that best matches your body type … Do you have a round face? Adopt a short hairstyle with curls, bangs or a wide strand in the front. But avoid the straight bob or the ball cut (especially if you have a small neck), just like the parting in the middle.

For a woman who has a face in the shape of a downward triangle, the trick to a top hairstyle is to leave some volume on the top of the head and not to cut the hair too short. A square with a little length will be ideal for this type of morphology. Women with rectangular faces will also prefer a short cut with volume on the top. As for those who have an oval face, you are lucky because all the models of cuts suit you: square, pixie hair cut, ball cut, bowl cut …

For a woman who has a face in the shape of a downward triangle, the trick to a short top hairstyle is to leave some volume on the top of the head and not to cut the hair too short. A square with a little length will be ideal for this type of morphology. A woman with a rectangular face will also prefer a short haircut with volume on top. As for those who have an oval face, you are the lucky ones because all the models of short haircuts suit you: short bob, pixie hair cut, ball cut, bowl cut, boyish cut, short afro cut (if you have hair kinky) … Browse our slideshow of ideas for hairstyles for women on short hair composed of photos unearthed on Pinterest to find your best inspirations!

If you are a woman with thin hair, a short hairstyle is also a good option for you. Adopt the short bob (or the mid-length bob) that you can texturize with styling products such as sprays or mousses. The boyish cut with bangs is also a hairstyle that looks great on women who have thin hair and an oval face.

Hair coloring trends for a colorful hairstyle
To give style to your short haircut, you can also play the coloring card. For the year 2021, the trend is again and again Red. Venetian red, copper highlights, orange red, auburn coloring, honey highlights, mahogany … You can adorn your hair with all the existing shades of this color according to your desires, from the most flamboyant to the most discreet, whether you have short hair or not for that matter.

Also prominently, and for a few seasons now: polar blonde, a perfect color for porcelain complexions and fair eyes. But beware: polar blond is a color that requires maintenance. If you want something less drastic and easier to care for on a daily basis, you can go for a blonde balayage, perfect for the spring-summer season. And don’t forget the other shades of blonde that bring light to your features: ash blonde, platinum blonde, natural blonde, golden blonde, icy blonde, pink blonde …

If you like the color pink and if you want to try coloring, you can still do it this season by adopting rose gold and pastel pink. Other possibilities if you want to be tempted by a color: cherry red, caramel highlight, copper chestnut, deep brown, colored strands (pink, blue or even green for a tangy hairstyle for women) or even chocolate brown . In short, you are spoiled for choice in terms of color to style your hairstyle with coloring and have a trendy hair look.

Finally, you can style a short haircut in a thousand and one ways to work on its appearance: harmoniously disheveled hair, perfectly combed, with a parting in the middle or on the side, styled / disheveled effect, flat hair on the head, wavy effect for a beach throwback look or even a brushed one. Let us not forget either the hair accessories to give style to a hairstyle for any occasion: head jewelry, headband, scarf, barrette, cap, hat… Let your fantasy speak!

To give you some ideas and guide you in your choice, aufeminin has compiled the most beautiful short haircuts for women, spotted on Pinterest, in the street, or on the catwalks of women’s fashion week shows. All you have to do is find the new hairstyle that will enhance your face and your natural hair. And to be sure to always have a top look, we also give you our tips for taking care of your short hair on a daily basis.

How to take care of your short haircut? Our advices

Because yes, do not think that short haircut rhymes with carelessness! Even if this style is practical, it also deserves some attention and a little maintenance, even if the ritual is less restrictive than the maintenance of long or medium-length hair.

Besides the fact that you have to go to the hairdresser for a refreshment approximately every two months in order to sport an impeccable short haircut, there are also a few good things to do on a daily basis to have a top hairstyle and healthy hair. So, if you are using styling products (hairspray, mousse, gel, spray) to style your short haircut, don’t forget the step brushing in the evening before you go to bed. It is essential to remove material residues and other dust or signs of pollution that have crept into your wicks during the day.

Some homemade mask recipes to pamper short hair

On the care side, do a hair mask once a week is recommended to nourish hair weakened by the use of styling products or if you have made a color. If you like homemade cosmetics, we recommend this mask which will make you super soft hair: prepare your paste by mixing and emulsifying three eggs with three tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of vinegar. Then apply by hand to your hair before covering it with cling film and leaving for fifteen minutes. Then rinse very abundantly with clear water, rubbing a little before shampooing.

Still for fans of home made beauty products but intended for women with oily hair roots, here is a recipe for a purifying hair mask based on green clay and apple cider vinegar. Mix the clay and the vinegar in equal proportions until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste. Then apply it to your scalp and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Rinse your hair and finish with a shampoo with your usual product.

There you have it, you now have all the cards in hand to sport a nickel short haircut!

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