all the names to know

Are you a real piercing expert? If you know them all, the answer is yes! Otherwise, here's everything you need to know to become one. We take stock of all the names to know about body piercings.

Nowadays, piercing has become a key fashion accessory for a very diverse audience. Through social networks, the cinematographic world and magazines, we find images of piercings everywhere: from the navel of Britney Spears and Beyoncé, on the nipple of Kylie Jenner, to the tongues of Miley Cyrus and Drew Barrymore, to the septum nose of Scarlett Johansson, to the ears of the Queen of England Elizabeth II. Obviously, piercing is a fashion phenomenon with many investment opportunities. The dictionary of piercings is therefore very long! Are you fluent in the language of piercings?

What is a piercing?

The piercing consists of the perforation of a part of the body to introduce a piece of jewelry. Typical body piercings include the ears, navel, nose, mouth, nipples, and cartilage, among others. They are part of the current fashion trends, but few people could name all the specific names of body piercings. Discover all types of piercing, in alphabetical order, with our dictionary below!

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Piercings that start with the letters A to D

Ampallang: this piercing consists of a straight barbell, that is to say a rod that crosses horizontally the surface of the glans. As you can imagine, this piercing has a tendency to bleed and be quite painful, like anything that touches the genitals, but it shouldn't last more than three days.
Angel bite: Like the wings of an angel, this piercing consists of two pieces of jewelry positioned symmetrically on either side of the upper lip. Because of the name and the look, it's no wonder this is one of the most popular piercings.
Anti-eyebrow: this type of piercing is located near the eyebrows. It normally consists of a ball or two below the eye, a sensitive and pain-prone area, but also very pretty and looks like little shiny sparks. With this piercing, it is really the case to say it, you will shine!
Anti-smiley: this piercing is positioned on the frenulum, a tissue located between the lip and the lower teeth. It is therefore only visible when we sulk and lower our lower lips. Thanks to the thickness of the fabric in which it is located, the anti-smiley piercing is not very painful.
Anti-tragus: Located between the cartilage and the earlobe, the anti-tragus piercing is more protected than the others and the healing time is also shorter, so it is not very risky, compared to other types of piercings.
Apadravya: like the ampallang piercing, this piercing consists of a straight barbell that crosses the glans, but vertically. This piercing can also be painful for a few days, but don't let that stop you from doing it if you dream about it.
Arcade: this type of piercing pierces the skin at the level of the brow bone. It looks like the anti-eyebrow piercing, but sits around the eyebrows, not below the eye. If you want, don't hesitate, because it's not very painful.
Bridge: this piercing is inserted vertically or horizontally through the skin between the two eyebrow arches, above the nose. As the name suggests, this piercing creates a "bridge" between the two eyebrows.
Cheek (the cheek): as the name suggests, it is a piercing made in the hollow of the cheek and gives a hollow effect. Often this piercing is done symmetrically on both cheeks. Although pretty, a cheek piercing is not trivial: it may not heal well, and damage the teeth and gums.
Clitoris: this horizontal or vertical piercing on the intimate area of ​​the vulva is by far the most pain-prone piercing due to the many nerve endings. Indeed, we do not advise you to start with this one! The Isabella piercing is a variant of this piercing which penetrates deeper into the clitoral shaft, so it is even less recommended for beginners. Likewise for the Princess Albertina piercing which consists of a ring that penetrates the urethra … you must not be sensitive.
Cleavage: the breastbone piercing, located between the breasts, usually consists of a ball or a straight barbell.
Conch: another ear piercing, it sits in the center, facing the external ear canal, which looks like a seashell, hence the name "conch".
Corset: this piercing is the only one to consist of so much jewel with a series on the surface along the back, the torso, or the legs to create the image of a corset. With this piercing, you will be ready for any party!
Dahlia: dahlia piercing is unusual. These are two symmetrical piercings at the corners of the mouth, hence its name the "Joker Bite".

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Piercings that start with the letters E to O

Expander: this type of piercing involves enlarging the diameter of the lobes, among other parts of the body. Pierced ears can clog up, but spread lobes don't always shrink naturally.
Labret: the labret piercing is worn on the lower lip, made up of a straight barbell. It is not very painful and heals quite quickly. However, be aware that it can damage the inside of the mouth. There is also a vertical version, where a steel bar with two balls on each side is placed through the bottom lip.
Language : one of the most traditional, tongue piercings take many forms. Although popular, this piercing can cause enamel wear and tooth rupture.
Lobe: this classic earlobe piercing has been performed since the dawn of time and remains arguably the most performed piercing in the world. Earrings, pendant, ball, ring … you can test everything from the moment the healing is complete.
Microdermal: inserted under the skin with greater ease than a traditional piercing, it is a small titanium implant with a screw-on tip that allows you to change the jewel easily as you wish. This piercing can be done on almost any part of the body, including the feet.
Madison: in reference to the american tattoo artist in Los Angeles, Madison Stone, this piercing is located just above the collarbone.
Madonna: like the Monroe piercing, this piercing mimics the famous American singer's mole, but this time is located on the right side of the upper lip.
Nipple: a piercing touted by many celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Rihanna, is an exploding trend. However, this trend is not trivial, because a nipple piercing, with all of its nerve endings, is one of the most painful.
Medusa: Right between the upper lip and the nose, the Medusa piercing is a discreet, yet convincing little piece of jewelry. It is also possible to have the piercing "Vertical Medusa" where two balls are located vertically on the upper lip.
Monroe: this piercing mimics the mole of American actress Marilyn Monroe, is worn on the upper lip. With this piercing, you are sure to be successful!
Nape: located at the back of the neck directly between the base of the skull and the shoulders, in English "the nape of the neck", this piercing tends to be often expelled from the body which does not like this foreign body in this place.
Nostril: worn by many celebrities including American singers Katy Perry and Pixie Geldof, jewelry for this piercing varies, but the most common is the horseshoe-like ring.
Belly button : popularized by Britney Spears, this piercing also takes several forms depending on the jewelry of her choice.

Piercings that start with the letters P to U

Snake cock: it consists of two piercings on each side of the lower lip.
Spider bite: it consists of the double side-by-side perforation under the lower lip. It’s a bit like getting two Labret piercings for each other.
Suitcase-piercing: Like clitoral piercings, the suitcase piercing is located between the bottom of the genitals and the top of the anus. Another piercing that is not recommended for beginners!
Tragus: this ear piercing that sits through the cartilage can be painful as it heals, but it is found on the ears of many celebs. Among them, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Hale from the American series, Les Menteuses au Québec.
Venom (venom): for this piercing, two jewels are pierced through the tongue, next to each other like snake eyes.