All this I will give it to you with David Kammenos: the end of the France 2 series explained

France 2 is broadcasting the last two episodes of “All this I will give you” this Wednesday evening. On this occasion, Philypa Phoenix, the interpreter of the character of Elisa, returned to the meaning of this touching ending.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the end of season 1 of All That I’ll Give You. If you haven’t seen the last episode yet, go ahead!

After three weeks of broadcast, All this I will give you is preparing to bow out this Wednesday, February 21 on France 2. The opportunity for viewers to lift the veil on the identity of Aymeric’s assassin.

Since the first episode, Manuel Ortigosa (David Kammenos, an actor whose face is surely not unknown to you), a famous Parisian writer, has joined forces with Richard (Bruno Solo), a retired gendarme, in order to find out if her husband’s death was really accidental.

And during the course of their investigation, the two friends unearthed many family secrets surrounding the Fontaresse estate.

A moving finale

In the last minutes of episode 6 of All this I will give to you, viewers learn that it was Catherine (Louise Monot), the wife of Joffrey (Aurélien Wiik), who killed Aymeric, as well as Enguerrand, so that the family inheritance goes to him, and does not go to little Arsène (Alexander Mari-Mcsween).

A year later, Manuel welcomes Richard, Father Lucas Rubio, Elisa and Arsène to his estate in order to celebrate the latter’s birthday. In voice-over, the writer explains that the future of the land is now in the hands of the little boy, as Aymeric had predicted.

“It’s love that wins”

It was this moving finale that convinced Elisa’s interpreter, Philypa Phoenix, to participate in the series. His character must in fact face the racism of the powerful family, who had difficulty accepting that the inheritance and the estate could go to a mixed-race child, however legitimate he may be.

I refuse to accept clichéd roles. As a mixed race woman, I always want to play characters who allow society to rise in consciousness,” she explained during a press briefing organized as part of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival last September.

I loved this story because in the end, my son wins. The message we take away is that it is love that wins. And I thought it was great because it’s 2023 and it feels good.”

For latecomers who would like to discover this modern and gripping family saga, All this I will give to you is available in full on the platform.

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