All those times she inspired us

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez representative of the 14th District of New York in the United States House of Representatives. She is the youngest candidate ever elected to the United States Congress. At 30, she shows a nameless commitment, inspiring many people.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only gaining popularity over time. From the top of her 30 years, the young woman seems to be the worthy heir to Bernie Sanders, whom she supported during her presidential campaign. Today she is asserting herself as the voice of the new generation of the Democratic Party in the United States. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known as AOC, is already a real inspiration for many. So we decided to look back on the times when she was engaged and inspiring. And, to look at it more closely, it is not cold in the eyes and that makes a crazy good.

It is committed to the protection of the environment

In 2019, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out in favor of the environment with a poignant speech. In front of the House of Representatives, she defended her New Green Deal project. The object of many criticisms, this project aims to propose a profound and radical change in the fight against global warming. Some felt that this fight was above all "elitist" and this is something that did not happen to Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez. She responded in the best way possible within her landmark speech: "It's not an elitist topic, it's a quality of life topic. You mean to tell people that their interest in clean air and clean water is elitist? Tell that to the kids in the South Bronx , who have the highest rate of childhood asthma in the country. Tell that to the families in Flint whose children have lead in their blood and brain damage for the rest of their lives. Call them ' elitists'. (…) This should not be a militant subject. It concerns our voters, their lives. "

Faced with Donald Trump, she does not let herself be trodden on

Oppressive remarks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has received and even from US President Donald Trump. Since being elected Democrat in New York's 14th constituency, she has been the target of much criticism from the Republican party. This is particularly the case of Donald Trump who told him to "go back to where it came from". To this, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains in a tweet by addressing Donald Trump directly: "You're angry because you don't believe in an America in which I represent a district of New York, or Minnesota elected Ilhan Omar, where Rashida Tlaib fights for Michigan families, where Ayanna Pessley takes care of the fate of little girls in Boston. "In 2018, when an impeachment of the presidency of Donald Trump is in discussion, she declares to CNN that she would support the removal of the President of the United States.

Treated as a "bitch" by an elected Republican, his response went around the world

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, the one we now call AOC spoke during a speech in Congress. On this occasion, she returned to the words of Republican Ted Yoho who, a few days earlier, had called her "fucking bitch", which could be translated into French from "fucking bitch". She denounced the deplorable manner in which Ted Yoho justified himself and denied his words: "There is a culture of impunity, acceptance of violence and violent language against women throughout the power structure that supports this. (…) But what I have a problem with is using women, our wives and daughters, as shields and excuses to justify bad behavior. Mr. Yoho mentioned that he had a wife and two daughters. I'm two years younger than Mr. Yoho's youngest daughter. " This speech by the elected American did not go unnoticed as he was incredibly powerful and well said. This speech went around the world.

She has an admirable distribution

You will understand, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a repartee without a name. This repartee, she uses it as a weapon against her detractors even on social networks. For example, the day before she was sworn in at New York's 14th District, a video she had participated in during her student years resurfaced. She is seen dancing on a rooftop, while a student at Boston University and accompanied by other classmates. If the reappearance of this video tried to discredit it, it was actually a promotional video made for an association of his university. The video ended up being very well received and, in response to its broadcast, she decides to dance in her congressional office, explaining: "I hear the Republican Party thinks women dancing are outrageous. Wait till they find out women parliamentarians are dancing too!" What a panache!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez curls the chosen one who called her a "bitch"

Video by Clara Poudevigne