“All Togehter Now”: Melissa Khalaj will host a new music show

“All Togehter Now”
Melissa Khalaj will host a new music show

Melissa Khalaj, here at an event in Berlin, will moderate “All Togehter Now”.

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Luke Mockridge was supposed to host the show “All Together Now”. Instead, Melissa Khalaj will lead the show.

Melissa Khalaj (32) will present the new music program “All Together Now” on Sat.1. The 32-year-old announced this on Instagram. “It will be a dream come true for me”, tells Khalaj in a story. “I think it will just be the most beautiful show in the world,” she said happily. She replaces Luke Mockridge (32), who was originally supposed to lead the show.

Khalaj also explains that production should now begin. The 32-year-old is known, among other things, from “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show”. When asked by spot on news, station spokesman Christoph Körfer confirmed a few days ago: “The music show ‘All Together Now’ will be on Sat.1 in the first half of 2022.”

What the show is about

The show “All Together Now” has been successful in several countries for several years. Musicians are given 100 seconds to perform in front of a jury of 100 people. The more jury members stand up and sing along, the more points there are.

At the beginning of September it was announced that Luke Mockridge was supposed to lead the music show. A former partner had previously brought charges of “attempted rape” against him. Mockridge had then announced on Instagramthat there will be no further appearances by him this year. The allegation has already been “legally refuted,” he said in an eight-minute video. Less than a month later he extended his break “due to the current reporting on me” for an indefinite period of time and declared that he would “not moderate the Sat.1 shows that had already been announced for the coming year”.


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