Allegation of abuse of office – driving school process: courses too loose because of Corona?

Corona rules were omnipresent in the summer of 2020 and also caused headaches for driving schools. In Tyrol, an operator and his staff are said to have resorted to a simple solution – instead of face-to-face classes, “self-study” at home on the PC was sufficient for admission to the exam. The public prosecutor sees this as abuse of office.

Despite the end of the first lockdown, the number of people per square meter was subsequently specified – which made the usual theory courses in the training room almost impossible. In many places there was a backlog of candidates. “They then found a very creative solution,” the prosecutor said to the four accused (driving school operator plus staff). Self-study instead of a course. The later ubiquitous online meetings were not yet common in the early days of Corona. Banned or not? “We were able to track online who looked at the questions at home,” an employee defended the procedure. Location managers and driving school directors didn’t want to or couldn’t remember exactly what was legal at the time and what wasn’t. “The ministry did not want this procedure, but it was not forbidden either,” emphasized the defense attorney. The cause is sensitive because the driving school staff act as state officials here – so it’s about abuse of office. In many cases, the responsibility was shifted to the boss of the driving school chain, they just followed his instructions. For his charge was adjourned.
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