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In the United Kingdom, several hairdressers have spotted allergic signs on the scalp of patients who have tested positive for Covid-19, relays the BBC.

Would Covid-19 cause new allergies to appear in people who have contracted it? Scientists at Imperial College London recently launched research after several medical professionals sounded the alarm on the matter. But another professional body has reported worrying data: hairdressers. In the United Kingdom, several hairdressers and beauticians have detected allergic reactions – such as burns or rashes – on the scalp of clients who came for hair dyeing and who tested positive for Covid-19, relays the BBC.

The union that represents hairdressers has advised all salons to conduct sample tests for their different colors, in order to prevent customers from developing this type of allergic reaction and deciding to take legal action against them. People who have had the coronavirus and dye their hair at home on their own – with products bought in supermarkets or supermarkets – are also advised to perform tests on a small part of the scalp. And this even if they have been using the same products for a long time.

Are Covid-19 patients more sensitive to allergens?

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These new allergic reactions are part of a more global study on Covid-19 and on the long-term effects on the health of patients, whether they have had a severe form or have been asymptomatic. The immune system can have sequelae in some cases and promote people’s sensitivity to allergens that did not impact them before. Further scientific research will be necessary to establish with certainty a cause and effect relationship.

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