Alliance signs all-female Chat Banned roster to form Alliance.Coven

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The 100% female team Chat Banned made a lot of noise during the last VCT Game Changers. The roster has therefore just been recruited by Alliance to form the Alliance.Coven team. Among the players, there are two French women.

This Thursday is very good news for the Chat Banned team that fell. The team 100% feminine who stood out during the VCT Game Changers 2021 – EMEA Series 3 by winning against G2 Gozen, just signed by Alliance and will now form the Alliance.Coven roster.

Banned Chats are an all-female roster consisting of 5 members: Danah, h6tedthemost, Xaline, Pinkalie and jade. This group has distinguished itself during the last Game Changers in VALORANT, ending at Joint 5th place in the event, an impressive result, especially since we are against a team of unsigned players. They have won important victories such as against at Rix.GG or G2 Gozen, taking their Ascent on the score of 13 to 6.

They won’t waste any time getting noticed, since it is now Alliance that signs them, taking over the players of the initial roster. Among the members, we can note the presence of two French women, Xaline and Pinkalie, enough to make France shine on VALORANT among women’s teams. Izzy also joins the team as a coach and on the manager side, we find Myagus.

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