Almost forgotten first names: These baby names deserve a comeback

Rare baby names
10 almost forgotten first names that are too beautiful to go away

Too good to be extinct: These first names are worth not to be completely forgotten.


These first names are real classics – and yet have been forgotten over the years. In the video you can see which baby names are ripe for a comeback!

They are sonorous, distinctive, often have a wonderful meaning – and yet are on the verge of becoming extinct for good. These first names have been forgotten to such an extent that they may soon no longer be used at all.

The other side of the name trend

Because when certain trend names suddenly become incredibly popular, it is of course inevitable that other names will take a back seat and disappear more and more. This is a completely natural process, after all, common names such as “Partelmeß” or “Bertholmes” have not been used for a long time in the Middle Ages. But the almost forgotten names that you see in the video of see, deserved a second chance – because it was not without reason that it was once a trend that excited many parents.

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