Aloe Blacc: singer is "very sad" that Avicii is "no longer there"

Aloe Blacc worked on a few songs with the late star DJ Avicii. In the interview, he explains what he admired about Tim Bergling.

Singer Aloe Blacc (41) not only attracted attention with his songs "I Need A Dollar" and "The Man". He also sang Avicii's hit "Wake Me Up" (1989-2018) and its first posthumously released single, "SOS". Seven years after his last album "Lift Your Spirit" (2013) the singer is back with a new long player entitled "All Love Everything". In an interview with the news agency spot on news, he talks about his late colleague Avicii, the love for his wife Maya Jupiter and the upbringing of his children.

You say "All Love Everything" as a greeting to your family and friends. What does this expression mean to you?

Aloe Blacc: "All Love Everything" as a greeting should always remind you to always be guided by your heart. It means adding love to everything you do: from work to art to family and friends.

"All Love Everything" comes seven years after your last album. Why was now the right time to release new music? What has changed?

Blacc: I've become a father in the last few years and my oldest child is now seven years old. I've spent more time raising my kids and being a husband. I also recorded and wrote a lot of music. So I was able to choose from all the songs the ones that best fit the topic of family and togetherness. This is how I chose the songs that say "All Love Everything".

On the album cover you show yourself with folded hands. Are you a religious person?

Blacc: I am more spiritual than religious and I believe that we are all part of this spiritual experience no matter what religion we follow. I believe that we are all capable of being kind and compassionate to ourselves, to the world, to one another, and to the planet.

You dedicate the album to your family. How has being a father changed your life?

Blacc: Being a father allowed me to slow down and be more present. Children need special attention. I plan my day around the important experiences with my wife and children, such as breakfast and dinner, and I read to them before bed.

What is the most important thing you want to teach your children?

Blacc: That they have the power to make this world a better place by being kind to others and fighting for the rights of the weakest.

You dedicate the song "Nothing Left But You" to your wife Maya. What is special about your relationship?

Blacc: When Maya and I met, we found that we had so much in common even though we were half the world apart. Since then we have been able to spend our lives sharing music, travel, and activism. We really fit together perfectly.

You wrote "I Do" for your tenth wedding anniversary. What are the best memories of your wedding?

Blacc: My closest friends and family were able to visit Australia for the occasion, which made it a very special moment for me. Maya's family helped make it a really wonderful day. Her brother-in-law is a musician who performed for us and the celebration was full of joy and fun.

The song "Wake Me Up" with Avicii is one of your greatest hits. What is your fondest memory of Avicii?

Blacc: My fondest memory is working with him in the studio and writing a song with him that we haven't released yet: "Please Forgive Me". It was the first time we'd worked together on a song from the ground up and I was impressed with the way he created the music while I wrote the lyrics and the melody. He was really dedicated to his art and was passionate about making the best song he could do and that's what I admire about him.

They also sang the Avicii song "SOS". How did it feel to release your first posthumous single?

Blacc: It was a bittersweet moment to record "SOS". I am honored to continue Tim's legacy, but I am very sad that he is no longer there. His family and the record label said he listed me as the singer for this song in his notes. When I read the texts it looked like a cry for help and I wish we had all answered that call sooner.