Aloe Vera Juice: The beauty elixir for a radiant complexion

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Aloe vera juice is the new wonder drug for that extra glow

What Aloe Vera can do: Glowy skin through moisture from within

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: The beauty trend aloe vera juice is going through the roof on TikTok +++ Charlotte Tilbury is the beauty partner of the Queen’s 70th anniversary of the throne +++ With this one hair dryer creates volume in no time.

Current fashion and beauty news in the BRIGITTE ticker:

April 13, 2022

Aloe vera juice to drink – that’s what the beauty elixir can do

A trend is taking off on the social media platform TikTok; we are talking about aloe vera juice. Some people have probably already heard of the medicinal plant. Especially from creams, such as after-sun lotions, we know and appreciate them for their calming and anti-inflammatory effect. There are several good reasons why we not only smear the miracle cure on our skin, but also drink it.

The viscous juice of aloe vera is obtained from the thick leaves of the plant. In its pure form it contains many nutrients such as vitamins B, C, E, folic acid and small amounts of copper, selenium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, which strengthen the immune system. It also supports the intestinal flora. Aloe Vera is rich in important digestive enzymes that have a positive effect on the breakdown of sugar and fats.

Beauty influencers in particular swear by the miracle juice when it comes to a radiant complexion. Because it moisturizes from within, stimulates collagen production and improves the elasticity of the skin. So nothing stands in the way of the extra glow!

April 12, 2022

Charlotte Tilbury launches Queen’s Jubilee collection

70 years on the British throne – Queen Elizabeth, 95, needs to be celebrated. As beauty celebrity Charlotte Tilbury now announces via Instagram, her label is the official beauty partner of the anniversary. What exactly does that mean? There will be a special collection called “Charlotte Tilbury Platinum Jubilee Collection”. She wants to “pay tribute and celebrate the Queen’s incredible seventy years as a global icon,” she writes on her Instagram account.

The world’s favorite cosmetics brand will celebrate the historic event with the label’s most popular products. Among other things, the award-winning “Charlotte’s Magic Cream Moisturizer” and a legendary “Lipstick Library” will be included. There will also be a limited “Charlotte Tilbury Platinum Jubilee Make-up Bag” made of velvet, writes “Hello”. Much more is not known yet, but the make-up artist promises on her account that more information about the special collection will come in the next few weeks.

11 April. 2022

Flat hair is a thing of the past with this hair dryer trick

Is your hair hanging limp or is it permanently close to the scalp? You no longer dare to dream of a flowing mane? Then you might like this hack. It gives volume in no time at all, spaghetti hair is a thing of the past. You don’t need super thick hair for your dream hairstyle, just a hair dryer and a brush.

And this is how the hair dryer trick for extra volume works: Place your brush at the crown of your head, first brush a few centimeters towards the tips and then in the opposite direction so that your hair pushes up a little at the roots. Hold the lifted strands with the brush and blow dry with hot air for 5 to 8 seconds. Then three to five seconds with cold air to fix the hair. Your volume look is ready!

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