Alpine skiing – The European Cup as a rock-hard bone mill

At the start of the European Ski Cup season, Salzburg’s men missed the podium in the two Super Gs in Zinal. For Stefan Rieser, Christopher Neumayer and Co. it is clear: The way to the top 3 place in the discipline classification, which means a fixed World Cup ticket, will be rocky and hard. Viktoria Bürgler did a talent test for the women at the start in Mayrhofen.

On Monday, the starting shot for the European Ski Cup was fired – for women and men under difficult conditions. Visibility was a problem in the first of two men’s super Gs in Zinal (Sz). “A weather lottery. With numbers in the front there was almost no chance. Then it got lighter ”, said Salzburg’s best, ex-junior world champion Stefan Rieser (8th). Number 40 Matteo Franzoso (It) won ahead of number 32, Lukas Feurstein (Vlbg.). Rieser (number 10) was only 0.59 seconds behind. “The skiing went well.” Neumayer with ranks 10 and 18 With Christopher Neumayer (10th), a second Salzburg man came into the top ten – the 29-year-old was the fifth-best Austrian. The goal of the ex-World Cup runner is clear: A top 3 place in the discipline classification, which would mean a fixed World Cup ticket. Neumayer first has to work his way up to the start list (31st) in the European Cup – normally the top numbers are better. In the second race on Tuesday, “Neumi” only landed 18th. Rieser was the best Salzburg again in twelfth in Franzoni’s next win ) can be canceled. At the first one on Monday, Viktoria Bürgler (SK Dienten) passed a talent test. The 17-year-old got her first European Cup points with the high number 69 in 22nd place, and made people sit up and take notice with 15th time in run two. First 60 centimeters of fresh snow had to be pushed out of the piste. Resch in 14th place, best woman from SalzburgBest woman from Salzburg was Stephanie Resch (14th), who was tried and tested in the World Cup. As the best Austrian, Franziska Gritsch, an acquaintance from the World Cup, landed on the podium (2nd): the Tyrolean had to skip the USA races as an unvaccinated woman.
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