already a security problem on the fingerprint reader

Some Google Pixel 6a users have noticed unregistered fingerprints being detected as valid by the fingerprint sensor. A major security problem, although difficult to reproduce, which appears a few days before the release of the smartphone in France.

The Google Pixel 6a // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Google’s latest smartphone is expected in France for this Thursday, July 28, a Pixel 6a which proved to be very good in our photo performance test. However, several videographers pointed out an issue related to the fingerprint sensor. They say they managed to access the phone using this unlocking mode, without first registering the fingerprint of the finger used.

YouTubers point to problem with Pixel 6a

A publication posted on the Reddit r/Android forum relayed by Android Police shows two videos from Indian YouTubers. Geekyrankit’s video shows that he managed to unlock his Pixel 6a with his left thumb while only his right thumb was registered in the device.

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The second YouTuber named Beebom demonstrates something even more disturbing. In his video, only the fingerprints of two people are recorded, only here, one more person manages to unlock the Pixel 6a.

Worrisome security issues

As the two videographers were able to say, which is a priori a bug could represent a significant security problem, especially since the Pixel 6a has already been released in some countries and will be released very soon in France. The team ofAndroid Police declares not to have succeeded in reproducing the bug on two models. On our side either, we did not notice any anomaly.

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An issue had previously been noted with the Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor which was too slow and could become unusable, ” these bugs seemed to come from users with screen protectors applied on the device“, rememberAndroid Police. Google had then recommended certain screen protectors and released software updates to correct this. Regarding the Pixel 6a, we do not know for the moment the origin of the bug. Especially since in the videos mentioned above, we do not see a protective glass. Google hasn’t said anything about the bug yet.

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