Already in winter to the Canaries: Tui wants to cruise with the entire fleet soon

Because of the corona pandemic, Tui Cruises has to park almost its entire cruise fleet in the North Sea. The company is now offering trips again on some ships. Everyone should be back in action by spring at the latest.

After the slow restart, the cruise operator Tui Cruises wants to offer trips on all ships in its fleet again from spring. "We hope to be on the road again with all seven ships in spring 2021 at the latest, with a little less occupancy and the right health concepts," said company boss Wybcke Meier of "Welt am Sonntag".

After cruises came to a standstill due to the corona pandemic, Tui Cruises had almost the entire fleet parked in the North Sea. Since the end of June this year, the company has been offering trips to the North and Baltic Seas again. This weekend another ship in Greece is supposed to take on guests again. Tui operates the ships "Mein Schiff" with the numbers one to six and the "Mein Schiff Herz".

"As far as finances are concerned, we have done our homework and will therefore survive this phase with fewer ships and less utilization," Meier told the newspaper. Around 60 percent of all employees are still on short-time work. In the winter season, the company wants to offer trips to other destinations, even if travel warnings or advice from the federal government still apply to these. She is confident that trips to the Canary Islands will be possible in winter.

The shipping company Aida Cruises wants to offer cruises again from the beginning of November after several postponements.