already more than 500 classes closed since the start of the school year


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During questions from the government to the National Assembly on September 7, Jean-Michel Blanquer took stock of the number of classes closed since the start of the school year. According to the Minister of National Education, the management of the situation is similar to that of last year.

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to rage, in particular because of the delta variant. A situation which led to the closure of many classes in schools, less than a week after the start of the school year. Tuesday September 7, Jean-Michel Blanquer indeed indicated that 545 classes were currently closed in France, since September 2. This represents “A little above 0.1%” between them. According to the Minister of National Education, these data show “That we are in a management of the situation which resembles that of last year”. This is in any case what he indicated during questions to the government in the National Assembly, reports The Parisian. The news site recalls that on July 2, 374 classes were closed out of 528,400, or 0.07%.

For Jean-Michel Blanquer, we can still consider that the start of the school year ” went well “ across the country: “In the sense that the students were there, the teachers were there and we did not have any problems that were too important. “

The applied health protocol

As a reminder, it is stage 2 of the health protocol that is currently applied in schools. The protocol requires that in primary and kindergarten, a class is closed from the first positive case to covid-19. On the other hand, in high school and college classes, only students with unvaccinated contact cases will have to isolate themselves and follow the courses remotely for 7 days. Their vaccinated comrades will be able to stay in person. A measure that had created controversy when it was announced last July. “It is a question of reasoning in terms of lesser evil. We do not reason in terms of an ideal situation. Each time, we did our best in relation to constraints which are enormous. There, in this case, the objective is pedagogical continuity ”, had justified Jean-Michel Blanquer.

Note that vaccination has been open to minors over 12 since June 15. According to the latest government figures, 49.05 million French people have already received a first dose of vaccine.

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