Also all hospital employees: Union countries require mandatory vaccination in nursing professions

All hospital staff too
Union countries require mandatory vaccination in nursing professions

At noon, the Prime Ministers of the federal states and the federal government will meet to discuss the further Corona course. The heads of government of the CDU and CSU not only want a nationwide 2G regulation, but also a compulsory vaccination for certain professions and institutions.

According to information from ntv, the minister-presidents of the CDU and CSU want to enforce compulsory vaccinations for certain professions and institutions. As can be seen from a draft resolution for the federal-state round starting at noon, which NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst sent after an internal voting round of the Union-led states, the vaccination obligation should apply to members of the healing and nursing professions as well as to all employees in Hospitals and disabled facilities. This could include craftsmen and cleaners, for example.

Above all, the FDP, which wants to co-govern in the federal government in the coming traffic light government, rejects a job-related vaccination requirement. On the other hand, the CDU governs in North Rhine-Westphalia together with the liberals. Within the coming traffic light government, it is above all the Greens who are pushing for compulsory vaccination for healing and nursing professions.

Union wants 2G nationwide

Furthermore, the CDU and CSU are in favor of the nationwide introduction of a 2G regulation for leisure and cultural facilities, for sports, for gastronomy and other indoor events, for services that are close to the body and for accommodation. But that is exactly what the federal traffic light parties have so far rejected. In their amendment to the Infection Protection Act, passed on Thursday in the second reading in the Bundestag, the SPD, Greens and FDP want to leave the decision on the imposition of 3G and 2G rules to the federal states – depending on the local incidence, vaccination rate and occupancy of the hospitals.

The Union rejected the amendment on Thursday and instead called for the epidemic situation to be extended beyond December 15, in order to enable lockdowns in the future. It is disputed between the two camps whether the amendment will also allow restaurants and hotels to be closed or events to be banned at state level. The traffic light parties see this possibility expressly and legally secure. The Union representatives contradicted this interpretation of the legal text.

Renewed care bonus

According to the draft resolution, the Union states want to campaign for a renewed care bonus at the conference of prime ministers with representatives of the executive federal government. This had already been decided in 2020. Particularly stressed nursing staff in hospitals should receive up to 1000 euros extra, those working in geriatric care up to 1500 euros per person.

The Prime Minister’s Conference (MPK) in the afternoon is intended to find a common way for the federal and state governments to deal with the rapidly increasing numbers of infections and hospitalizations. A compromise at the MPK could possibly also prevent the Union-led states from blocking the traffic light amendment to the Infection Protection Act via the Federal Council. Otherwise there would no longer be a legal basis for many corona measures from mid-December.

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