Alter history and turn Rick into a Zombie in this new Walking Dead game

Camille Coirault

August 18, 2023 at 6:15 p.m.


Rick Grimes © © Gene Page/AP/SIPA

© Gene Page / AP / SIPA

It’s been a while since a game about the universe of the series The Walking Dead didn’t come out! This future opus in preparation will give players the opportunity to rewrite the history of the series by making their own decisions.

The AMC television channel, which already has a spin-off in its cards, and the game publisher GameMill Entertainment are at the helm of this new creation. This will be an action-oriented game that will build on the hit series. Titled The Walking Dead: Destiniesit should offer a great freedom of action to the players by allowing them to completely modify the course of the history.

Freedom-of-choice gameplay

The game will be based on the first four seasons of the series and is presented as a third-person action-adventure game. This one won’t be a priori not in an open world, but will allow players to relive iconic moments from the series. Emphasis is placed on the non-linearity of the gameplay, which should offer a unique experience to each player, since they can choose not to follow the original scenario of the series.

Even if freedom of choice should not be expected either Baldur’s Gate III, this orientation can be quite fun. For example, it will be quite imaginable to let Shane kill Rick (the reverse of the series) and let the latter turn pitifully into a walker. If the various branches aren’t too scripted and restricted, it’s sure to amuse die-hard fans of the series.

The Walking Dead © AMC


The opportunity to dive back into the eventful past of the series

The “zombie hype” has died down for a while, and the game doesn’t look very sexy visually (see the trailer below). But it may appeal to some nostalgic for the series because of its faithful transcription of the key moments of the series: the Greene family farm, the entrenchment of the survivors in the very gloomy prison or the burned town of Woodbury .

The game, developed by Flux Games, will be available in multi-media: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. We’ll see if ringing the chord of fan nostalgia while offering them open gameplay will be enough to make this game a success. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check out our top video games not to be missed in August.

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