Alternative advent calendar: 24 doors to a better world

Advent, Advent, the environment is on fire. Admittedly, there are nicer, but hardly more important associations. That is why we want to fall in love with the theme of the Advent calendar this year: Not only we, but also our environment has just deserved an extra portion of love, care and attention.

The last few years have not been easy, rather the world has rushed from one catastrophe to the next. So in winter it is time to pause for a moment. Slow down the pace. To look back, but also to look forward. Around Christmas people make it their business to make each other happy. How about if we thought about the environment at the same time this year?

Advent calendars are not only there for children for a long time, they are more important for us adults – to rekindle our childish anticipation, which is quickly forgotten in everyday life. In autumn, people are busy doing handicrafts or shopping to give friends or family members 24 doors. The unpleasant truth: In addition to joy, Advent calendars also like to spread a lot of rubbish with all the decoration love. And we – and our world – just don’t really need that.

Alternative advent calendars that give lasting pleasure

Nevertheless, we do not want to do without this year in particular. We don’t even have to. There are now a lot of lovingly thought-out Advent calendars on the market that reduce our mental load – and have simply thought about ourselves and the environment. All we have to do Give away, enjoy yourself, be happy.

But if you enjoy tinkering, you shouldn’t miss out. Even homemade Advent calendars can easily be made more sustainable with a few tricks – without looking like eco, we promise. How it works? Just take a look around our route. We have collected inspiration for the most beautiful green advent calendars to buy – and also a few ideas for ingredients for homemade doors. We only say lavender soap and gingerbread chocolate … and promise that no one will be neglected here. Because with these advent calendar ideas we are doing something good for ourselves and the environment.


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