Alternative traffic – A10: The country is working on new barriers

There are currently no restrictions for traffic jam refugees from the Tauern Autobahn. Because the regulation for the departure bans ended on April 1st.

The exit closures on the Tauern Autobahn have no longer been in force since Tuesday. Now travelers can once again escape unhindered from the construction traffic jams onto the state roads. “There are no longer any departure closures because the legal basis for this is now missing,” says the office of State Transport Councilor and State Vice President Stefan Schnöll (ÖVP). A new regulation is needed to reintroduce the departure bans. This should be ready in time for the many holidays and therefore travel days from May 8th. What the measures will look like is not yet clear. But the country is also aware that on busy travel days there is hardly any means of keeping traffic on the Tauern Autobahn. This has been clearly seen again in the past few weeks and the residents of the communities bordering the A10 have felt it. A circumstance that leaves everyone dissatisfied. “Unreasonable,” says the State Council office.
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