Altheora presents GENDZO PROCESS, an exclusive hybrid process for creating parts with increased values ​​and performance – 04/05/2022 at 10:07

Altheora Shift, the Altheora Group’s innovation accelerator, announces the patenting and creation of GENDZO PROCESS®, an innovative and effective alternative to shaped parts with large structural properties, particularly for the automotive and transport (bodywork, cowling, etc.). By hybridizing conventional processes and materials, GENDZO PROCESS® creates parts with increased values ​​and performance.

A new industrial process patented by Altheora

Intended for multi-functional applications in both exterior and interior environments, the GENDZO composite process combines two major advantages: a thermoplastic surface layer reinforced by a fiber composite material.

In addition, this exclusive process patented by Altheora has several significant characteristics:

• It is responsible and sustainable over time: can be made from biosourced fibers, possibility of setting up a depolymerization process, thus allowing materials to be recycled.

• It is efficient: structural and mass-optimized behavior, attractive ratio between the investment and the cost of a part, possibility of dimensions greater than 4 m2, hybridization process between the appearance of the thermoformed skin and the mechanical characteristics composites.

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