ALTHEORA unveils the winners of the first edition of the “BOOSTERS”

Altheora unveils the winners of the first edition of BOOSTERS

Altheora Shift, the Altheora Group’s innovation accelerator, announces the winners of its first call for industrial projects around composite materials, the Boosters. For unearthing the industrial projects of tomorrow and accelerating the 4th industrial revolutionthe Group has divided its competition into two categories: Boosters’In, aimed at industrial projects in the study phase, and Boosters’Up, for start-ups in the pre-industrialization phase.

The winning projects are:

For the Boosters’In, the Caerostris company:

The company aims to market its Wall E+ innovation, the first structural system for positive energy (E+) structural work. It is revolutionizing the construction sector through its circularity, while accelerating construction and reducing the environmental impact of construction.

For the Boosters’Up, the company Ceercle:

The startup aims to become the reference brand for gardeners and urban gardeners in Europe. It designs and distributes online self-fertile urban vegetable gardens for city dwellers whose future containers will be made of bio-sourced composites.

Winners focused on co-responsible practices

Founded in March 2021 and managed by Bndicte Durand, the Altheora Group comprises three areas of expertise: Altheora Composites, Altheora Coating and Altheora Shift.

With this last division, Altheora has set itself the task of accelerating innovation and supporting industrial projects by enabling them to benefit from all of the Group’s expertise. Thus, Altheora Shift has launched the first edition of Boosters, a call for innovative and sustainable industrial projects aimed at sourcing composite innovations that will drive the industry of tomorrow, divided into two categories, Boosters’In and Boosters’Up.

After a meticulous examination of all the applications, the deliberations of the jury, made up of internal experts from the Group or experts in their field, such as Markus Sandmayr, Managing Director France BLEDINA or Augustin Boulot, Managing Director B LAB France (BCorp certification ), led to the selection of two projects:

  • Caaerostris: the company’s mission is to market innovative building materials and systems made from high-performance composites. It is in this context that Caerostris works its innovation Wall-E+, the first structural system for positive energy (E+) structural work. It is revolutionizing the construction sector through its circularity, while accelerating construction and reducing the environmental impact of construction. This innovation also makes it possible to simplify the capture of Renewable Energies (EnR) by adding collection components integrated into the supporting construction system.
  • Circle: Ceercle’s mission is to democratize access to agricultural culture in the city. At the crossroads of urban agriculture and the circular economy, Ceercle offers a 100% packaged solution designed for terraces and balconies: composter vegetable garden, potting soil, worms and young shoots ready to plant and delivered to your home according to the seasons. The startup embraces all DNVB codes (Digital Native Vertical Brand): a co-designed production, a model “direct-to-consumer“, a strategy of educational and fun content, backed by a committed community.

Honorary president of the jury, Bndicte Durand, Managing Director of the Altheora Group declares: First of all, I would like to thank those who participated in this first edition of the Boosters. We are delighted that a jury of experts selected by Altheora Shift was able to select these two projects. Indeed, Caerostris and Ceercle embody what we want to do for Altheora: unite an ecosystem of industrialists where synergies serve innovation and everyone’s eco-responsibility. We are now going to get down to work, thanks to all of the Group’s expertise, supporting these two companies as best and as far as possible.

A long-term collaboration

Following this selection, an endowment will be awarded to the two winners. Caerostris, winner of the Boosters’In, won an endowment worth 100,000 euros for participation in the development and industrialization of the project. Ceercle, winner of the Boosters’Up, won an endowment worth 50,000 euros for strategic support and support for the industrialization of the solution.

We had wanted for some time to prove that our construction system could do without foundations. Our solution aims to no longer artificialize the soil with concrete. The opportunity to participate in the Boosters was therefore obvious to us because the theme was to associate composites with the creation of a more virtuous world. We are flattered and very happy to have won this award, and especially to see our idea validated by renowned experts in the world of composites. We have already started our collaboration, particularly on the design and complete conception of the product. welcomes Laurent Destouches, Co-founder of Caerostris.

Ceercle aims to become the reference brand for urban gardeners on a European scale by setting up a complete offer and a virtuous circle around our vegetable garden/composter which allows city dwellers to transform their bio-waste into food. The Boosters offer us the opportunity to be supported with a view to the industrialization of our products and the development of our various ranges. The industrial experience of the Altheora group, its values ​​and its location in the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes region were important factors for us in our desire to apply for this call for projects. The support of Altheora Shift will allow us to work on the feasibility, prototyping, industrialization of our solutions and benefit from the Group’s expertise in industrial property., specify Marie Esquelisse and Charles Lambert, Co-founders of Ceercle.

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ALTHEORAis a European leader in the transformation of composite materials. Known since 1934 for its development of tools specific to construction (electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, etc.), the Group has also developed expertise and cutting-edge technologies for sectors as varied and demanding as railway industry, aeronautics, automotive, medical, leisure or street furniture, etc. It also incorporates an innovation laboratory to co-develop with its customers new products responding to future issues such as as new mobility or even the smart city.

ALTHEORA offers 100% integrated solutions, from R&D to production. The Group is backed by the know-how of its employees spread over 4 sites in the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes region and 1 site in Romania. It now supports more than 500 international clients, and in 2020 received the prize for best innovation in the Design and Furniture category of the JEC Innovation Awards.

The company is listed on EURONEXT GROWTH – ISIN Code: FR0000061244 – ALORA

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