“Always the same faces”: Meuthen for an exchange of the AfD party leadership

“Always the same faces”
Meuthen for an exchange of the AfD party leadership

AfD boss Meuthen is still leaving the party leadership after six years. He also recommends this step to his previous colleagues on the board. That causes displeasure.

The outgoing AfD boss Jörg Meuthen has spoken out in favor of an exchange between the entire party leadership. “The previous federal spokesmen and deputies should make way for completely new people in the AfD,” Meuthen told “Welt am Sonntag”. If you look at the history of the party, you will find “always the same faces”. He received harsh criticism from the party leadership for his move.

Meuthen himself had announced in a recently announced circular to the members that he would not stand again as federal spokesman at the party conference in December. But he wanted to continue his political work, wrote the MEP. Referring to his own withdrawal, he now told the newspaper: “I would like other board members to do the same.”

But there was criticism. Co-party leader Tino Chrupalla told the “Welt” that anyone who “has fought constructively and collegially for the success of the alternative for Germany does not need to give up”. The cooperation with his deputies was very harmonious, especially during the election campaign. “That encourages me to run for election again as federal spokesman,” said Chrupalla.

“Programmatically, conceptually and personally run over and over again”

Parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel said that Meuthen looked “like a defiant boy who is left behind on the football field and out of sheer anger wants to take the ball home with him so that nobody can play”. The vice-party leader added: “He overlooks the fact that the ball does not belong to him.”

AfD vice-president Stephan Brandner told the newspaper that Meuthen had “repeatedly cantered programmatically, conceptually and personally for about two years and is increasingly getting on the nerves of many with his know-it-all whining”. He called him a “bad loser”.

Meuthen had also said that the AfD also needed a programmatic innovation. There are “undecided questions of fundamental importance,” said Meuthen of the “WamS”. For example, it is in the AfD’s basic program that Germany’s exit from the EU is only the “ultima ratio” and he thinks that is correct. “But the Dexit is a requirement in the Bundestag election program.” Clarification is necessary. Meuthen represents the more moderate, economically liberal wing of the party.

Party vice Beatrix von Storch campaigned to talk about content. “The AfD must now specifically address the concerns that are rightly moving the citizens, rising costs for energy, inflation and migration. Personnel issues will be decided at the party congress,” she told the “Welt”.

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