Always trouble with the referees: Demirbay insults Brych, now it is determined

Always trouble with the referees
Demirbay insults Brych, now it’s under investigation

Leverkusen midfielder Kerem Demirbay caused quite a stir with an interview at the weekend. After the 2-0 he complains about referee Felix Brych. He, says Demirbay, “gets on my nerves”. The DFB is now investigating against the former international, not for the first time.

At Bibiana Steinhaus, Kerem Demirbay had to grovel for his time. However, the apology did not save the football professional from his deserved punishment. Demirbay was banned for five weeks in December 2015 because he let the referee at the time know on the field that in his opinion women had no place in men’s football.

Demirbay as referee actor in designer thread.

(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

The fact that Demirbay was also sentenced by his then club Fortuna Düsseldorf to whistle a girls’ soccer game as penance was initially considered a good idea by some. However, when the midfielder completed this task in fine designer thread instead of the referee’s outfit, the German-Turk finally reaped a collective shake of the head.

So now the control committee of the German Football Association (DFB) is investigating again against Demirbay, who even played twice for Germany in the 2017 Confederations Cup. The now 28-year-old, who now earns his (good) money at Bayer Leverkusen, targeted Felix Brych this time.

Demirbay even faces more than a fine

“The referee gets on my nerves. It’s crazy. I hope he doesn’t whistle for us so often in the future,” said Demirbay in a TV interview after Sunday’s win at VfL Wolfsburg (2-0). . Brych had shown him a yellow card during the game.

Demirbay apparently did not notice that Brych has recently impressed with strong performances and was praised by many experts as the best referee at the last European Championship finals (in which Demirbay was not there, by the way).

Now Demirbay has to deal with the referees again. The control committee demands an opinion on the Brych issue. At the very least, he faces a fine. Or even more. After all, what spoke for Demirbay in the Steinhaus verdict, according to Hans E. Lorenz, chairman of the sports court at the time, no longer applies: “It was to his credit that he has not yet appeared on the court.”

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